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11. - 13. Mar 2019




C/ Pintor Ferrer calatayud, 9
46022 Valencia, Spain

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Thoughts in Action

with Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley

The workshop will attempt to define different dramaturgy levels of a theatre and the elementary aspects of theatre anthropology through the following topics: 

  • preparation of the actor's dramaturgy at an organic or dynamic level (physical and vocal actions )
  • the relationship between the dynamic score and the narrative structure
  • the relationship between the director's dramaturgy and the text
  • the relationship between the dramaturgy of the director, the writer and the actor
  • the daily and extra daily techniques
  • the difference between movement and action
  • the dynamics of static and dynamic immobility
  • the energy in space and the energy in time
  • the director's montage technique
  • the perception of the director and the perception of the spectator

The workshop is structured as a dialogue between participants and Eugenio Barba, who creates various situations and practical demonstrations with the help of Julia Varley. The conversation with Eugenio Barba serves to reveal his work as director/author by exemplifying with exercises, scenes, illustrating procedures and stimulating new questions while Julia Varley presents the actor's point of view.



Secretaría ESADV / Secretaría Estudio Dramático Formación

Precio por curso: 230 €


ESAD València (961206980)

Estudio Dramático (963912197)

Sala "La Mutant" (963013401)