Odin Teatret 55 years, American University of Beirut


05. April 2019




American University of Beirut
Riad El-Solh
Beirut - Lebanon

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Odin Teatret 55 years, film THE CONQUEST OF DIFFERENCE followed by a meeting with Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley on The Spirit of the Laboratory.


The film presents the history of Odin Teatret from 1964 to 2012 with scenes from performances, barters and training which the actors have created over the years. Furthermore, Eugenio Barba reflects on what theatre has meant to him personally and on the history of Odin Teatret as a group of people who have conquered their own difference.


56', 2011-2012, Odin Teatret Film, a film by Erik Exe Christoffersen, text: Eugenio Barba, editing, camera, graphics: Chiara Crupi, camera assistant: Pierangelo Pompa, picture and video research: Francesca Romana Rietti and Valentina Tibaldi, restoring and digital remastering: Claudio Coloberti, Odin Teatret performances directed by Eugenio Barba


Actors: Torben Bjelke, Kai Bredholt, César Brie, Roberta Carreri, Jens Christensen, Ragnar Christiansen, Toni Cots, Jan Ferslev, Elena Floris, Tom Fjodefalk, Richard Fowler, Naira Gonzalez, Anne Trine Grimnes, Falk Heinrich, Malou Illmoni, Augusto Omolú, Donald Kitt, Tage Larsen, Else Marie Laukvik, Hisako Miura, Sofia Monsalve, Tina Nielsen, Francis Pardeilhan, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Silvia Ricciardelli, Gustavo Riondet, Tor Sannum, Ulrik Skeel, Odd Strøm, Isabel Ubeda, Julia Varley, Torgeir Wethal

American University of Beirut

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