Danske sange og salmer i Flamencokjole


07. May 2019




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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100 kr.

Danish Songs and Psalms Dressed in Flamenco

A dancing concert with Erika Sanchez, Kai Bredholt and Nikolaj Rosengreen.

Dressed with an accordion, flamenco shoes, flamenco guitar and the Mexican instrument Jarana, Erika Sanchez, Kai Bredholt and Nikolaj Rosengreen interpret Danish psalms and songs in  flamenco-style, garnished with Mexican songs and Vestjysk party polenaise.


Idom Landsby Laboratorium (Denmark)


Kai Bredholt (Denmark) was born in 1960 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He did an apprenticeship as a boat-builder. He joined Odin Teatret in 1990, first as a musician/composer, later as an actor and organiser/director of barters and transformances.


Erika Sanchez (Mexico) was born and raised in Mexico City. There she worked as a chemical engineer, until 2008, when she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a flamenco dancer. She now lives in Denmark and works as a flamenco dancer, singer and initiator of intercultural events and theatre performances.


Nikolaj Rosengreen (Denmark) guitarist, organist and composer. He has composed music for theatre, television and documentaries. He has travelled and performed in countries such as Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, South Africa, Palestine, Spain and Sweden. 


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