Transit Festival: Grito Poético


15. June 2019


22:30 - 23:00


Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Kr. 120 / 60

The urgency gives birth to the act, the action, the rebellion. A cry against violence, abuse, war...
A poetic cry that redeems the sacrality of mother earth, that redeems compassion.
Poetry inspires the dream, the meditation, the thought ...
The protagonist is a world of war, violence, exploration, intolerance, indifference ...
"I want to hold compassion in my hands and then throw it up
in the air and around me."


Grito Poético is a performance that brings the projection of photographic images in a sequence allied to a scenic intervention by the performer Paola Luna Vellucci, seeking an expression of body language that expresses the essential: life in itself with all the contradictions it carries.


DKK 120 / 60 for students; Pensioners; groups of 10+

Reservation of tickets: tel. +45 9742 4777
Mon - Fri between 9.00 -15.00 hrs.

Reserved tickets must be picked up no later than 15 min. before the performance begins.


This work demonstration is presented as part of the 9th TRANSIT FESTIVAL hosted at Odin Teatret. 

TRANSIT FESTIVAL 12 - 23 June 2019

An international theatre festival for women in contemporary theatre. This year’s festival theme is Hope in Action, during which 56 performances, 6 workshops and two art exhibitions will be presented by more than 75 artists from 5 continents.

The Transit Festival has existed since 1995 and it is part of The Magdalena Project, an international network of women in theatre created to enable women to produce work that more profoundly reflects their own experience. The festival is directed by Julia Varley, actress of Odin Teatret.