BaalHaus – Secondo Studio


29. January 2020




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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120 / 60 kr

The BaalHaus is a night club attended by new customers every night. The main attraction of the club is Baal, poet and artist, who spends his life in there.

He is a loner who has found refuge within the walls of this place. Every night he destroys himself and the people who pass by there. An avid consumer of his own life and of the life of the others. He never finds satisfaction and satiety. Every customer passing through the BaalHaus is inexplicably attracted by the poet and, as soon as he comes in contact with him, starts a slow and inexorable descent into the hell and vice.

The BaalHaus turns into a mirror of society. A world of living people made up of bourgeois, thieves, prostitutes, losers and lovers, who live in search of a fulfilment of their passions and desires, and who in the night, safely inside the four walls of the club, become primitive and instinctive, almost bestial.

Baal is the fuse that triggers these instincts in the customers, it is the pretext and justification of their primordial and unusual behaviour. Inside the club they feel justified to drop the social masks they usually wear and to live a life without limits and inhibitions.

Like Baal, the customers gain the awareness that every human being is destined to decay and decompose. They begin to live their lives without thinking about tomorrow. Baal is aware that he has to live his life in this way in order to give birth to a new cycle of his existence. Are the customers of the club conscious of this? Will they be ready to sacrifice themselves to make room for a new self or will they turn Baal into the scapegoat of all their sins leaving him alone in this Calvary?

Váli Theatre Lab.

Valerio Peroni & Alice Occhiali

Valerio Leoni & Valerio Peroni

Marco Bellomo
Nathalie Cariolle
Giulia De Luca
Elisa De Titta
Oriane Hours
Jon Lehmann
Giulia Nemiz Gregory
Mattia Parrela 
Valerio Peroni
Dafne Rubini
Diana Simonelli

Duration: 65 min

Language: Italian, English, Danish, French

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