Qui es-tu? Tu me tues


31. January 2020




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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120 kr/ 60 kr

“Cleo is a talking fish. He has an uncontrollable wish to communicate and to be screened.
So he is given a name and face. His voice reminds us of family disputes, anger simmering, teenage games, things that come out in a stream of consciousness from the drawer of
memory. And then return to the fishbowl without pouring the slightest drop of water or
blood. Here a breath. A second breath. Everything back to normal… Helio, contrary to
Cleo, is a flying fish. Helio and Cleo are two brothers. Maybe even three….”


We all have emotions, experiences and fragments stored in chambers. Some people choose to lock them up in old wooden chests laid in sea-deep. But what happens when you say out loud your deepest emotions, pain and experiences; the ones that have been stored there so long. What happens when you pour water onto these feelings? What happens when you let them fly out into the air? Qui-es-tu? Tu me tues is a personal story about two brothers, an unstoppable urge for a self-expression and radically different ‘coping mechanisms’ in the fluidity of contemporary living.



With: Alberto M. Guinaldo (Spain)
Directed by: Giuseppe Bonifati

DOO/ Aesop Studio / Biennale di Venezia, International Theatre Workshop (IT) Sarajevo Winter Festival (BA) AQB (HU) / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (DK)

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