The Body Remembers


30. January 2020




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Closed workshop

Our body remembers, our body is memory. Our entire life is written in the lines of our hands and in the light of our eyes, moreover the history of those who preceded us, of those we never met before, of our forebears, it's secretly held in ourselves.
Memory contains our direct experiences with the world. It contains tales, immages and scents that we have simply heard, seen and perceived from afar.
All that creates an enourmous wealth of experiences from which the actor can draw to give to creations a unique and personal soul.
Sometimes we are not conscious about that, sometimes is not our mind but our body that reminds.
Awaken the physical memories to give voice to what has been forgotten.
Get in touch with other bodies and together create a concert of souls that share experiences pointing towards a common story. A meeting of physical memories that speaks about the universal history of life. We will meet in a common place where childhood, love and death, solitude and old age are living together inspiring our creations.
We will travel through a creative process that turns complexity into simplicity. This process will remove instead of adding until we reach the essence as a meeting point for diversity.
Act in space to change it. Act and react to others and together build bridges. Physical memories of others are like mirrors that open forgotten doors inside you.
In the silence and solitude of work you can find connection with your lost personal world.
The old objects of memory come back to life with new and unespected forms and a distant song accompanies our childhood dance.
Keep your eyes open, don't close them. Breath. Be simple.




Conducted by: Váli Theatre Lab.

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