Transformations of Traditional Chinese Theatre Performing Techniques


30. Jan - 02. Feb 2020



Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Closed workshop

Traditional Chinese theatre, Greek tragedies and comedies and India Sanskrit plays are known as the world's three ancient theatre culture.Chinese Opera could be considered as the best symbol for ancient local Chinese art form,which consists of codified dance,mime,music,vocal performance and acrobatics.The main artistic characteristic of Chinese opera is its formula.The actions of Chinese opera performers on the stage, such as door closing, horse mounting and shipping, all have a set of fixed codification.Chinese opera had always maintained its own forms and characteristics through thousands of years.

During the course, the students of the workshop will first become acquainted and work on basic theatre movements from Chinese Peking Opera such as Ding positon, foward lounge,flower hands,governor step,lady step and circular running and so on.Then these traditional theatre movements will be transformed, manipulated and unfolded but still abided by the main principle of Chinese opera performing which Eugenio Barba states the ‘SAT’,and finally rebuilt(restored) into New Codifications, exploring new meanings and possibilities for modern theatre through the ancient oriental theatre Bodies.




Conducted by: Ding Yiteng (China)

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