Sorrow and Seeds


30. October 2020


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Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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The showcase is based on the book The Sorrow of War, by Bao Ninh inspired by the spirit of the uprising in Gwangju*, South Korea in 1980. The working process has been driven by questions such as: what does war do to people? What is the response to brutality, destruction, and war? What does it mean to be human? Is it to sing and dance, to create and write until the end? Is that the answer? 

The book The Sorrow of War, by Bảo Ninh is about the Vietnamese writer and soldier, Kien, who sets out to write about love and the beauty of life. But he can’t. Every time he tries, he is haunted by all the stories and horrors of the war. He then realises that to be able to live and love again, he needs to write about the war. Sorrow and Seeds is about the effects and consequences of war and the scars they leave on the human soul. Scars which no one can avoid, and which can exist through generations and across borders.

Sorrow and Seeds is a showcase performance, a collaboration between Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and Eurasian Theatre Institute, led by Professor Dongil Lee in South Korea. As a showcase the performance is not complete. It acts as a demonstration of a larger scale project. The performance consists of 6 performers with various backgrounds in acrobatics, music, and circus artistry. 

The showcase was originally supposed to be staged in the Asia Cultural Center (ACC) in Gwangju, next to the square where the uprising in Gwangju took place on 18 August 1980, when more than 2000 civilians were killed as a result of the uprising.

The uprising is one of the main sources of inspiration for the performance, which deals with the sorrow of war and the human spirit. As part of the creative process the team has worked on improvisations and physical scores as well as extracts from the book The Sorrow of War, which have then been translated into scenic material.

Due to Covid-19, the project has had to adapt to the circumstances. The showcase will therefore be live streamed instead, and shown at the South Korean literature festival, held in Gwangju on the 30th and 31st October at the Asia Culture Center.

* The Gwangju Uprising
began as a demonstration
against South Korea’s brutal military leaders,
who had recently expanded martial law.  
Shortly after the protest began, elite paratroopers attacked the students with batons, rifles and bayonets.
But as the crackdown escalated,
so did the citizens’ resistance.
Eventually Gwangju erupted into open rebellion,
with residents raiding a local armory, seizing weapons
and driving the military out of the city.
A few days later, the military returned,
crushing the civilian militia.  


Sorrow and Seeds: The showcase performance is free of charge but in the spirit of the barter we will kindly ask for your feedback in exchange for free admission

We are very interested in you sharing your experience of the performance.

What did you like? What could be improved?  Any suggestions for the continued work? 

Best regards,

Kai Bredholt and the entire artistic team of Sorrow and Seeds   

Tickets can be reserved online (see above). 
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Reserved tickets must be picked up no later than 15 min. before the performance begins.

Please note!
You are kindly requested to bring your own face mask
 to wear during your stay inside our theatre to protect yourself and others around you. If you forget, you can buy one at the ticket office upon arrival.
Once the doors are closed and the performance has begun, it will not be possible to enter.



29 Oct. Sorrow and Seeds -  at 14.00 hrs. 

31 Oct. Sorrow and Seeds - at 15.00 hrs. 



Stage Design: The Creative Team
Manuscript: The Creative Team


Kai Bredholt, Director, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium
Dongil Lee, Co-Director, Eurasia Theatre Institute
Søs Banke, Dramaturg, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium


Karoline Seidelin Banke (Denmark)
Edward Trouiller (France)
Signild Thygesen (Denmark)
Gustav Kristiansen (Denmark)
Ylva Maia Havndrup (Denmark)
Abraham Rademacher (Denmark)


Ikarus Stage Arts, directed by Carolina Pizzaro
Den kristne Friskole, Holstebro (Denmark)

Assistant: Petra Seidelin Banke
Costumes: Karoline Seidelin Banke
Technician: Paul Hales 
Producer: Luis Alonso 
Video Production: Søgaard Film, by Jonas Søggard


Kristian Søndergaard
Jesper Gehlert
Iben Nagel Rasmussen
Trine Glue Doan and Dansk Vietnamesisk Forening 
Den kristne Friskole 6. B and Mette Jakobsen
Holstebro Taekwondo Klub 
Erika Sánchez
Hjalmar Andersen
Roger Azar
Astrid Holscher
Hanne Mette Jensen
Barbara Manighetti 
Per Kap Bech Jensen