Kroppens Minder


08. December 2020




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lukket forestilling

Our body remembers, our body is memory.
Our whole life is written in the lines of our hands and in the light of our eyes.
The story of those who came before us, of those we have never met, of our ancestors, lies hidden inside us.
A dance, a song or a touch can evoke the physical memories and uncover forgotten stories.
The performance Body Memories unfolds as a concert where childhood, life and death, loneliness and old age live side by side.
With the play, we have wanted to revive the spectators' lost world. Old objects come to life in new and unexpected forms, and a distant song accompanies the dance of childhood.

Alice Occhiali

Kroppens Minder is a theatrical performance in which young actors bring their grandparents' memories to life.
The everyday life of the past is expressed through the bodies and voices of actors from Denmark, Italy, France, Germany and Spain. The encounter between cultures, that may seem distant, shows how much humans actually have in common.
In the performance, the grandparents' stories are given new life in interaction with poems, dances, lyrics and songs.
The actors bring the audience into a common space where childhood, love and death, loneliness and old age live side by side.
They become like mirrors that evoke memories from bygone times to life.
Sometimes our mind forgets, but our body remembers.
Through the performance we give to the forgotten a voice.
The play is in Danish using texts from various poets and authors.




Produced by Váli Theatre Lab

in collaboration with Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

and supported by Fonden Ensomme Gamles Værn


Direction and Dramaturgy: Alice Occhiali and Valerio Peroni


Matias Carballo
Oriane Hours
Jon Lehmann
Larissa Wagenhals
Josephine Sommer