Paraplyer langs åen


02. - 30. Dec 2020



Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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An ongoing project with Nordisk Nido Lab

For the month of December 2020, Nordisk Nido Lab’s project, Paraplyer langs åen, will be creating and developing performance material, which will lead into rehearsals and performances next year.

Under the guidance of Odin Teatret actor Donald Kitt, there will be the participation of: Rocio del Pino Lobos (Chile), Sietske De Vries (The Netherlands), Wang Chun Yuen (Hong Kong) and Ni Shan Li (Hong Kong).

This period of time will be to create outdoor elements along the “Storeå” of Holstebro culminating into a performance. This will then build as a yearly project along the river of Holstebro for the locals to enjoy and participate in the adventure.


A bunch of strange characters have come to Holstebro. They have settled down by Storåen, where they each tell their story by the help of movements, songs - and umbrellas.

“Umbrellas Along the River” is an outdoor, site-specific performance, which consists of a series of images and scenes that give new life to the area around Storåen. The performance will be performed by a group of international performers together with local associations in Holstebro.

The performance begins at Færch Torv, and the audience is taken from there on a short journey along the river.

The project is led and directed by Donald Kitt from Odin Teatret in collaboration with Deborah Hunt (MASKHUNT MOTION).