Investigating the Moment


01. February 2020




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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closed workshop

Investigating the moment of force that leads in a movement or a spinning, the moment of landing, or the moment of suspension. The suspension between the reality and the dream, the moment in a memory, the moment you hold your breath, the transformation where change happens 

Dina Abu Hamdan is a theatre director and choreographer, with an international portfolio of both small and ensemble performances as well as large-scale outdoor spectacles and events. Dina is a multi-disciplinary artistic director, a producer and an expert in working with local communities along professional artists on leading big events. She is the founder of Zakharef in Motion Dance Festival, Masahat MENA Dance Network, and the Dewan Performing arts Pan Arab Network Jordan. 

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