Long Nights


01. February 2020




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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120 kr / 60 kr

The performance is inspired by the lives of Carine and Christopher McCandless, siblings that became famous thanks to the movie "Into the Wild" directed by Sean Penn.

Through two parallel story lines, one realistic and one dreamlike, the performance focuses on the symbiotic and protective relationship of the two characters, the pain of detachment and the hope that never dies, to be again side by side one day. The journey becomes a challenge for independence and a break from the roots that push protagonists and spectators to ask questions about the relationship that man has with nature and society.

Long nights are the ones that become endless when you are alone and away from your beloved ones, but they give the power to become stronger and more secure than ever, to grow, making the ties with your past intense and alive. In the darkness the thoughts and memories look huge and at night they seem to fall as in a dream. But how dangerous is this fall? Will it be a crash or have a soft landing?


Váli Theatre Lab.
With Valerio Peroni and Alice Occhiali (IT)

Drammaturgy and Directing: Valerio Peroni and Alice Occhiali


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