Eugenio Barba and Salvatore Tramacere dialogue to Invent a Future Speaking With the Dead


17. April 2020




Teatro Koreja
Via Guido Dorso 70
73100 Lecce L.E., Italy

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Eugenio Barba and Salvatore Tramacere dialogue to Invent a Future Speaking With the Dead

Teatro Koreja and Odin Teatret streaming on YOUTUBE and Italian theatre creates a community through a "digital network"


Teatro Koreja's theatre season, like that of all the theatres of the world, was interrupted suddenly in February due to the Covid - 19 emergency. This sudden pause resembles a small death. A death made of no longer shared spaces and silences. Teatro Koreja's season should have ended on April 17th, 2020 with a national premiere of Odin Teatret.

Eugenio Barba, however, is a man of the future. And once again, Teatro Koreja looks to the future.

For this, on 17th April 2020, at 9 pm, with a unique and extraordinary streaming intervention, Salvatore Tramacere, Teatro Koreja's artistic director, will meet Eugenio Barba's Odin Teatret. Barba from Holstebro (Denmark) will enter into a dialogue with the great masters of the past to "kill time".

How to invent the future, if not talking to the dead? For example, asking Jerzy Grotowski how to disappear, Tadeusz Kantor how to live precariousness, Julian Beck and Judith Malina how to get out of the labyrinth and Bertolt Brecht where courage is found.

And after these illustrious dead, to understand, invent and enjoy beauty, we pass the word on to Death: directly after we will present “MR PEANUT - A CHARACTER THAT CANNOT DIE" a film by Claudio Coloberti, narrated by Julia Varley, one of Odin Teatret's historical actresses, produced by Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium.

Death impersonated by Mr Peanut, the character who for fifty years has participated in many of Odin Teatret's performances, reflects on its career and reveals its secret: it cannot die, only transform. Mr Peanut presents its continuous mutations with dances, poems, photographs and films that evoke encounters, travels, adventures and landscapes of its long life.

Link below

To follow the streaming appointment, simply connect to YouTube on the channel "Teatro Koreja" at 9 pm, or access the direct link from Teatro Koreja's Facebook page without need of registration or access password.

The streaming of the event is thought of as a "digital collaboration" network that unites many theatres nationally, which have scheduled the appointment on their YouTube channel at the same time.

"We are trying to resist 'at a distance' to everything that is happening to us - they say from Koreja - trying to do the only thing we know how to do, create communities, even if only virtually at the moment. Specifically, we have tried to create a national network of theatres close to ours in terms of sensitivity and poetics, which could host the project on their YouTube channel."

The following have joined the initiative: Teatro dell'Argine (Bologna), Teatro delle Albe (Ravenna), Elsinor Teatro (Milan-Florence), Piccionaia Teatro (Vicenza), Compagnia Catalyst (Barberino di Mugello), Teatro No'hma (Milano), Museo Castromediano/DAMS Università degli Studi (Lecce), Teatri di Bari/Teatro Kismet (Bari), Acti (Torino), Teatro Tib (Belluno), Teatro Palladium (Roma), Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (Bari), Mat Teatro (Terlizzi), Teatro Potlach (Fara Sabina), Compagnia Le Belle Bandiere (Russi), Teatro Vascello (Roma), Tpe (Torino), Napoli Teatro Festival (Napoli), Teatro Scena Verticale/Festival Primavera dei Teatri (Castrovillari), Teatro Libero (Palermo), Teatro Pubblico Ligure (Genova), Teatro Proskenion (Reggio Calabria), Linee Libere/Irene di Lello (Rieti).

For the love and courage that rhymes with theatre,
once again remember the words of Samuel Beckett:

I can't continue, I will continue "