Niels Hav - Poesi på en torsdag


03. September 2020




Nørregade 40
7500 Holstebro, Denmark

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Kr. 80 / 40

A poet of real things

The poet Niels Hav is rounded by the West Jutland soil, as he was born in 1949 in Gudum and grew up in Asp, close to Struer. Today he lives in Copenhagen with his wife, the pianist Christina Bjørkøe.

Hav began his adult life by studying to be a priest in Aarhus, before he decided to become a writer and poet. He then debuted with the short story collection, Afmægtighed forbudt (Powerless Prohibition), Hekla, 1981, and his first collection of poems, Glæden sidder i kroppen (Joy Sits in the Body), came the following year published by Jorinde & Joringel, 1982. Subsequently he has published six further collections of poems with the acclaimed Øjeblikke af lykke (Moments of Happiness), published by Det Poetiske Bureaus Forlag, 2020, as the most recently published.

Om Grundstof (About element), which was published in 2004 by Gyldendal, Erik Skyum-Nielsen wrote in Information: “Niels Hav himself deserves praise for the playful precision and resilient musical, philosophical well-being, with which he in his best poems creates a connection between the contradictions in himself." In addition, Havs' poems are also full of infectious immediacy, which tenderly leads the reader into their innermost, living core.

Havs digte (Hav's poems) have been published in such different languages ​​as Dutch, Bosnian, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Kurdish, Chinese and Portuguese. And then they have formed templates for music by the composers Anders Koppel and Andy Pape. He has received the Statens Kunstfonds three - year scholarship and a number of work grants.

Other highlights
The Odin Teatret House Orchestra with guest musicians Bjarne Nygaard Nielsen on guitar and Martin Damgaard on piano and accordion contribute with musical entertainment. The Well-known Holstebroer, who reads from her favorite poems, is this month communication employee, Sofie Daugbjerg (Lemvig). Sofie is a graduate of the Authors' School 2011.
Associate Professor Emeritus, Gerd Schmidt Nielsen, presents her lyrical essay on the evening's poet.
The winner of "The Poem of the Month" will be chosen, and there will be a reading of Omar Khajjâm's poems.
And last but not least has Christina Bjørkøe promised to play a piece of music.

Poetry on a Thursday is organised by Holstebro Gymnasium and HF, Holstebro Library, Musikteatret Holstebro, Uddannelsescenter Holstebro, Holstebro Kunstmuseum, Skive Boglade and Odin Teatret - Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium. The event is supported by Holstebro Municipality and the Statens Kunstfond.

Above photo © Jens Rost

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the current guidelines for hand disinfection and distance will of course be followed. Further information can be obtained by contacting Odin Teatret - Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - tel. 97 42 47 77 between 9.00 - 15.00 hrs.


40 DKK for students and pensioners

Tickets are sold on the door and online HERE

A glass of wine is included in the ticket price.

Poem of the Month

Participate in the contest for the Poem of the Month and send us your best work. The selected poem will be read during the event.

Send it day before the event to:

Ulrik Skeel
Odin Teatret, Særkærparken 144, 7500 Holstebro

or to

and mark it as the "poem of the month". 


Poetry on a Thursday is a regular evening event in Holstebro which gives people the opportunity to meet contemporary Danish poets. These evenings, at which the invited poet reads his or her own poems, happen three times in the spring - February, March and April - and three times in the autumn - September, October and November - on the first Thursday of the month in question.

Poetry on a Thursday usually takes place at the newly restored Knudsen's theatre on Holstebro's central pedestrian precinct.