Third Theatre and Society


19. September 2020




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Peoples Theatre Laboratory is arranging a Zoom meeting with Julia Varley about Third Theatre and Society

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Peoples Theatre Laboratory was started in 1987, practising the concept originated by Jerzy Grotowski. The name itself reveals the nature of undertaking. It is not a theatre in the usual sense of the world, rather an institute devoted to research into the domain of theatrical art and the art of the actor in particular.

The Laboratory’s productions represent a kind of working model in which the current research into the actor’s art can be put into practice within the theatre milieu, also known as the method of Grotowski. In addition to its methodological research work and performances given before an audience, the laboratory also undertakes the instruction of actors, Producers and people from other fields connected with the theatre.

As a laboratory, close contact is maintained with specialist in other disciplines such as psychology, phonology, cultural anthropology, fine arts etc. In Vadodara, Peoples Theatre Laboratory has been active, experimenting with people of all age groups and staging plays since three decades now. People’s theatre laboratory has no bars for people willing to learn and contribute to the game of theatre. With active participation from students from different fields, two consecutive experiments with plays has been taking place in the past two years.