Odin Teatret Streaming programme


27. Jan - 26. Feb 2021



Online Worldwide

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From 27 January to 26 February, NTL - Odin Teatret will offer a number of its filmed performances and documentaries for streaming. There will be two weekly appointments on Odin Theatre's YouTube channel: every Wednesday at 16 with documentaries about travel and barters and every Friday at 16 with Odin Teatret performances.

27 January, The Country Where Trees Fly. A documentary about Holstebro Festuge 2014, directed by Davide Barletti and Jacopo Quadri, produced by Fluid Produzioni and Ubulibri.

29 January, In ​​the Beginning was the Idea, a film about Odin's performance of the The Gospel According to Oxyrhincus.

3 February is Dressed in White, where a wandering player (Iben Nagel Rasmussen) arrives in a small village in southern Italy.

5 February: Andersen's Dream.

10 February: On the two banks of the river - the story of the Odin Teatret and the people of a foreign country 

12 February: The Great Cities Under the Moon.

17 February: Dancing in the Sand with Roberta Carreri

19 February: Ur-Hamlet with 94 actors, dancers, singers and musicians from several different theatre traditions.

24 February: an unreleased film about the Odin Teatret in Cuba in 2002

26 February: The Chronic Life will end this streaming cycle.


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