Ship of fools conversations


30. - 31. Jan 2021


All day


Online Worldwide

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Scholars and practitioners meet

in an online laboratory

The Ship of Fools is a laboratory of scholars who have met in collaboration with Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium.

Patrick Campbell (Manchester Metropolitan University) is Senior Lecturer in Drama and Contemporary Performance at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a core member of Cross Pollination, an expanded, nomadic laboratory for the dialogue in-between practices, and is Associate Editor of the Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies.

Tatiana Chemi (Aalborg University), Associate Professor, has been sailing to Denmark from Italy, where she was born and brought up. Moored on the shores of NTL led by her passion for theatre laboratory, creativity, pedagogy, criticality and love. She looks through the lenses of a critical pedagogy of hope into artistic practices and alliances.

Exe Christoffersen (Aarhus University), Mag.Art, Associate Professor at the Department of Communication and Culture (1982-) and has taught in Theatre Practice and Multimedia Production. Editor of the journal Peripeti (2004-). Kunsten ude på Kanten (2012-2014) særnummer. Made the videos Travelling with Odin Teatret, 1992, and The Conquest of Difference, 2015.

Annelis Kuhlmann (Aarhus University) is associate professor in Dramaturgy at Aarhus University (DK). She is leader of CTLS (Centre for Theatre Laboratory Studies), a research collaboration with NTL and Dramaturgi (AU). She equally is co-founder of CHiPP (Centre for Historical Performance Practice). She is in particular interested in exploring how performances reflects current issues in the world and how actors, performers and directors explore their actual artistic experiences for the future. Annelis has published widely, including significantly on Odin Teatret and was co-editor on Grønlands Teaterhistorie – på vej (2019)”. Web:

Adam Ledger (Birmingham University) is Reader in Theatre and Performance at the University of Birmingham (UK) and co-artistic director of The Bone Ensemble. His research focusses on performance practice, especially directing and theatre-making, and he has published widely, including significantly on Odin Teatret.

Jane Turner (Manchester Metropolitan University) is a Senior Lecturer in Theatre and Contemporary Performance at Manchester Metropolitan University. Her research activity focusses primarily on the work of the international community of Third Theatres groups, laboratory praxis – particularly concerning strategies for performer training, dramaturgy and cultural action in the current climate.

Invited participants/presenters are:

Luis Alberto Alonso is a Cuban actor and director naturalised Brazilian. Director of Oco Teatro Laboratório in Salvador, Brazil and member of The Bridge of Winds directed by Iben Nagel Rasmussen

Anne Basse, Cand. Mag i Dramaturg, worked with a barter project in Greenland.

Per Kap Bech Jensen, since 2021, is the director at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium and board member of Kulturdivisionen in Holstebro. He was former executive director at DSI Swinging Europe.

Kai Bredholt is actor at Odin Teatret since 1990. He organises and directs barters, exchanges and performances in site specific and peripheric environments.

Simone Dragone is responsible for Odin Teatret Archives since 2019 when he moved to Denmark and he is PhD student at Genova University in Italy. Currently researching living archives structures and organisation.

Dina Abu Hamdan, originally from Jordan, is a choreaographer and director, collaborating with Teatret Om, Odin Teatret and Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality in Denmark. Researching innovative documentation and performative techniques.

Ida Krøgholt, Ph.d , associate professor in dramaturgy at the University of Aarhus. Specialised in Theatre and Drama in Education, Applied Theatre, Performance Analysis and Design and facilitation of creative processes. Has been associated as participatory researcher in several projects, among others Vand. A collaboration between museums and theatres in Horsens, Randers, Viborg (2010)

Kunsten ude på Kanten (2012-2014)

And most recently, Ej Blot Til Lyst at Aarhus Theatre (2015 - )


Adriana La Selva and Marije Nie are initiators of the expanded, nomadic laboratory for the dialogue in-between practices Cross Pollination. Adriana is Brazilian but currently PhD scholar in Belgium. Marije is a tap dancer and rhythmical musician living in The Netherlands.

Iben Nagel Rasmussen is actress at Odin Teatret since 1966. In 1986, she has founded The Bridge of Winds, an international pedagogical project for performers which meet regularly.

Carolina Pizarro and Luis Alonso, born in Chile, actors at Odin Teatret since 2015 and 2016, founders of Ikarus Stage Arts based at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium, producing performances, touring and training.

Váli Theatre Lab, based at Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium in Denmark, is directed by Alice Occhiali and Valerio Peroni, originally from Italy. Particularly engaged in pedagogical theatre experiences for and with children and teenagers.

Julia Varley is actress at Odin Teatret since 1976. She is part of the network of women in contemporary theatre The Magdalena Project since 1986.

Ding Yiteng is a Chinese actor and director, producing his own performances. Trained in classical performance styles, he is developing his own training principles. Currently Phd in Beijing.


Associates to SoF:

with Tatiana Chemi

Selene D'Agostino

                                             Shuangshuang Xu

with Adam Ledger

Richard Davy

with Exe Christoffersen

Maja Børsting Lund

                                             Kirstina Kokxhoorn Klarskov

with Annelis Kuhlmann

           Emil Krabbe