Giving voice to the invisible people


27. October 2021




Online Worldwide

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The Roma camps, the homeless people, the migrants, the unauthorised street vendors, represent a part of the world of “the invisible”; the new poor, victims of a social injustice that is difficult to oppose. Together with them, thousands of volunteers are working in absolute anonymity, to defend their human rights, to integrate them in our society and create a sense of acceptance. “Giving voice to the invisible people” is the attempt to shift the focus, on what is apparently hidden, and lives on the margins of society. These are positive stories of social redemption that can emphasise the other face of Palermo.

Claudia Brunetto, is a professional journalist since 2012. In the last 16 years she has been collaborating with the Publishing Group “Gedi” andwrites also articles for the Palermo edition of the newspaper “La Repubblica”.
Her work focuses on social matters, school, youth, marginality, districts at risk and migration.
After graduating in History of Theatre, she wrote for the main national magazines on this sector and has followed the most significant contemporary theatres.

Web-conference in Italian with English simultaneous translation.
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