Layer by Layer


11. October 2021




Mødecenter Odense
Buchwaldsgade 48
5000 Odense

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closed workshop

Training as a bridge to the creation of actor material

A workshop led by Carolina Pizarro

This workshop aims at researching different aspects of theatre interpretation. Carolina Pizarro will share her experience as an actress in search of autonomy and her vision of training as a bridge to the creation of actor material. Carolina Pizarro will teach exercises from her personal training, emphasizing how they intervene in the actor’s creative process.


Relation between the physical level of presence and the level of narration.

Presence based on physical and vocal training, applying principles of different techniques. The participants will create training sequences according to their needs.

Narration based on creative training, during which participants explore physical and vocal material that allows meanings to emerge, while differentiating between action and movement, seeking a natural presence in a scene without being realistic, awakening concerns and references through improvisation, and widening the possibilities of working with a character.


  • Comfortable clothing, neutral colours, and no patterns. Additional change of clothing.
  • Each participant must bring one small object, 2 different and opposite-looking costumes, a memorised short text and song.

Technical requirements:

  • The workshop is for artists and students who have already started artistic research
  • A big room, smooth floor, sound amplifier by iPod cable. Possibility to use theatre lightning.