The Performer as Artistic Generator


01. - 03. Oct 2021




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A workshop with Kai Bredholt from Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Odin Teatret


A practical workshop to learn how to use your performer skills to mobilise a community.

In the workshop we will organise a "Banket for poetry and songs " using song, dance, music, poetry, and physical actions.

We will use the participants different skills and put them together with music and poetry, in order to create a final Banket together with a local community of Tartu.

All participants are invited to present themselves at the beginning of the workshop with a very small intervention: a poem, a song, a physical action, a dance, a karate move, or a musical piece (maximum 2 minutes).


The conference is held in the framework of THROUGH THE CITY project in cooperation with The Association for Estonian Theatre and Drama Education and supported by Nordic Culture Point.

 University of Tartu, Estonia


1st October: conference on Community Theatre, with reference to Kai Bredholt's experience with the Odin Teatret and Landsby Laboratoriet.

2 October: workshop The performer as an artistic generator 

3 October: Banquet for song and poetry at a local square Swingsquare, with 20 participants from the workshop and local musicians, poets, dancers.