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28. November 2021


17:30 GMT


Online Worldwide

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Else Marie Laukvik, actress at Odin Teatret, will talk about her experiences as pedagogue and director, and the work process with the actors Julia Filippo and Manuel Ramos concerning the two co-productions:
MetaMorpheosisKnots – Rules to be happily unhappy (Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Odin Teatret).

Manuel Ramos came to Odin Teatret from Colombia in 2012 with a scholarship from the University of Bogota. Julia Filippo from Italy joined the training  work with Manuel. And the result was the performance MetaMorpheosis. Later under the name Samka Teatro, they toured in South America for 6 months.

Julia Filippo came back to Odin Teatret and started to work with Else Marie on the performance Knots – Rules to be happily unhappy.
Later she has toured in many places of the world. Finally Manuel and Julia have started a completely new theatre adventure in Mexico  ITÍNERA, ARTE EN EXPANSIÓN


Type of event: Online // Entrance free

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Language: English with Spanish translation

Hour: 17:30 CET (GMT +1) // 10: 30 CST - (GMT - 6)

Date: Sunday November 28