22. November 2021



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This is an audiovisual essay based on a theatrical fiction, written and realized during a creative residency at NTL. The work questions the poetic-political possibilities opened up by the current pandemic crisis through an extreme minimalist acting technique and in dialogue with archive images. The premiere will take place on the occasion of the UAIFAI Festival, within a platform specialized in performing arts and multimedia technologies.

Credits. Performer: Luis Alonso / Direction of actors: Ignacio Tamagno / Audiovisual creation: Nadir Medina / Dramaturgy: Ignacio Tamagno (inspired by the text "1461" by Luis Alonso and personal files of confinement) / General direction: Nadir Medina and Ignacio Tamagno (Pueblo Chico). // Co-produced by Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium – Odin Teatret and the creative society Pueblo Chico from Argentina. The project is supported by the Instituto Nacional del Teatro de Argentina.


Today the audiovisual rehearsal "Póstuma" will be presented at the Festival Uaifai, teatrouaifai.com, subscribe the festival page to receive the information.

The project is the result of a collaboration between Nacho Tamagno and Nadir Medina, and Luis Alonso from Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium.