21. - 29. Nov 2021



ZID Theater
De Roos van Dekamaweg 1
1061 HR Amsterdam, Netherlands

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TONE 2020-2022 – Granted by Erasmus+

TONE stands for: Talents of New Europe
ZID Theater is very pleased that TONE, a new international project is approved and will be funded by Erasmus+.

TONE aims to create a connection between creative newcomers (immigrants and refugees), European citizens and cultural organizations. Central to this, is the development of a European methodology that can be applied in various countries and contexts. The project will be taking place from September 2020 until December 22.

The international partners that ZID coooperates with are: Corep (Italy), Integra (Spain), Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium- Odin Teatret (Denmark) and Residui Teatro (Spain).

"Art seems to have the special power to engage and engage people through a transformational experience"
Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione, director and creator of the Social and Community Theatre Centre | University of Turin (SCT Centre | Unito)

Core themes
Intercultural dialogue and social integration of migrants and refugees are the core topics of this project. Through TONE we will work on creating new channels for refugees and migrants to get access to the labor market of the cultural sector. Working with creatives from Europe, the aim is to integrate those newcomers and support them to use their skills, knowledge and qualifications in the cultural sector. We will share our experience within this on an international level, which is used again to define the common methodology. The underlying idea is that the presence of ethnic-cultural minorities and refugees is of the utmost importance within the arts and cultural sector, for the arts themselves but also for the social cohesion of the society in which we live.