Who is Eugenio Barba?


17. November 2021


18:30 - 20:00


Teatro Koreja
Via Guido Dorso 70
73100 Lecce L.E., Italy

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This documentary attempts to present Eugenio Barba through the eyes of his close associates - actors of Odin Teatret, from the analyses of academics, but also from the testimonies of artists who knew him and were influenced by his art.
Actors, Directors, Theatre Theorists present the man who redefined the Art of Theatre.

A narrative about the unique approach to the theatrical art of the world-renowned director and theorist of Theatre, Eugenio Barba.

In July 2019, Eugenio Barba was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Department of Theatrical Studies of the University of Peloponnese. A three-day conference was also held at the European Cultural Center in Delphi - a tribute to the great theatrical man, where Theatre academics analysed the art and technique of Eugenio Barba and the theatre group he created in Denmark, the Odin Teatret.

At the same time, the ensemble, who was there for the tribute, presented the performance Inside the Skeleton of the Whale and the legendary performances - monologues Ave Maria, with Julia Varley, Judith, with Roberta Carreri. Moreover, the actors of the Odin Teatret as well as Eugenio Barba himself, held workshops, such as: The Echo of Silence and The Dead Brother, with Julia Varley, Traces in the Snow with Roberta Carreri, Whispering Winds in Theatre and Dance, with Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret actors, The Spaces of Theatre - Reflections, with Eugenio Barba.

These events were filmed by Magdalene Remoundou and were used for the creation of the documentary Who is Eugenio Barba?


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