3 ugers projekt "Kul-TUR/RETUR" med Vindenes Bro


01. - 22. Dec 2021



Holstebro by & Kommune

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In December 2021, after two years of Covid-break, The Bridge of Winds can finally reunite and under the direction of Iben Nagel Rasmussen (Odin Teatret) continue the development of the group's unique physical and vocal training and rehearsals of their latest performance FREAKS.

The Bridge of Winds was founded in 1989, and since then the participants have met once a year in different parts of the world: Denmark, Brazil, Colombia, Poland, Belgium and Italy. Parallel with the daily professional work, there will be several outward activities, e. g. with the concert Voices in the Wind, cultural meetings and barters between The Bridge of Winds and local residents in the villages of Ryde, Stendis and Handbjerg.

In collaboration with Magrethe Reedtz Skolen in Ryde, the group will involve children, church, farmers, knitting women, hot mulled wine and lots of bales of straw.

The participants of The Bridge of Winds, coming from 10 different countries, will live and work in the so-called Stendis-Lejren, which offers an optimal setting for the group's stay. 

The project is supported by 100 New Communities and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium - Odin Teatret