Fiori per Torgeir


03. - 04. Dec 2021




DamsLab Teatro
Piazzetta P.P. Pasolini 5/B
40122 Bologna, Italy

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Flowers for Torgeir

Can grief become a light that illuminates one’s path in life?

Ten years ago, I lost my partner of many years, in work and in life.

The loss of a dear person has two dimensions: grief and gratitude.

The joy that has filled my life over so many years in his company, shines through the grief and makes it transparent. There is no cure for grief. One must learn to live with it, like with a chronic illness. I am not the same I was before Torgeir’s death, never will be. But I am still able to sing and smile, feeling the presence of his absence following my steps for the rest of my path.

Torgeir was introduced to theatre when he was eight years old. He was only eleven years old when he began to earn money performing on a traditional stage.

At seventeen he took part in a popular movie. This was also the time when Torgeir met Eugenio Barba and became a founding member of Odin Teatret. He was nineteen when he moved from Norway to Denmark with Eugenio Barba and the rest of Odin Teatret. Here he lived and worked until the day he died on Sunday 27 June 2010. He was 63 years old.

Torgeir took part in the rehearsal of The Chronic Life, up till one month before he passed away. His scenic presence was unique. And I have missed it since he died.

It is said that you die twice, the second is when you are forgotten. I don’t want Torgeir to be forgotten. That is why I made this homage to him.

Flowers to a great actor.
Flowers to a great person.
Flowers to Torgeir.

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With and by Roberta Carreri

Stage, Video and Light Design: Stefano di Buduo

A Roberta Carreri & Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium Co-Production (2020)

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The performance “Fiori per Torgeir” is part of the “I Sentieri del Pensiero” project which inaugurates the Torgeir Library, the Library of the Ridotto Theatre and the House of Culture and Theatre. The Library was strongly desired by the historic director, as well as the director and founder of Teatro Ridotto, Renzo Filippetti, together with Lina Della Rocca.

Following the death of the Odin Teatret actor and friend Torgeir Wethal, a request was made for the donation of books at an international level, with volumes from all over the world. Today, 11 years later, the Library consists of about 1000 volumes, catalogued according to national criterias thanks to the support of many young students, taking care to do the precious work of archiving, choosing volumes and of digitization - by Simone Azzu and also with thanks to Professor Gerardo Guccini of the University of Bologna.

The project has the support of the Municipality of Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna Region and is in collaboration with DAMSLab / La Soffitta - University of Bologna, the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna and DAMS50.