The Blue Apple


26. May 2021



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Unicorns are back after thousands of years missing. Like a stone that’s been thrown in still water, they break into daily life with an explosion of energy.

Monotony had taken over the city and in the middle of so much indifference, Ild, a lonely musician who was trying unsuccessfully to captivate its inhabitants, gets interrupted by a Unicorn Invasion. They are determined to surprise the human kind!

Ild can communicate with them telepathically and so he discovers that unicorns eat blue apples because they give them a magical power: the ability to laugh, enjoy life and love. Humans only eat bread and salt.

Surrounded by dance and singing Ild is feeling confused and wants to escape, but then the unicorns blow their horns. The mysterious Spirit of the Forest answers to their call and offers the musician a blue apple.

To be or not to be an unicorn? Maybe the transformation is about to begin.

Artistic director: Carolina Pizarro

Assistant director and producer: Luis Alonso

Narration’s language: English – Spanish – Danish

Ved ankomst bedes du fremvise Coronapas. Med coronapasset skal du dokumentere ét af disse krav:

  • Du er færdigvaccineret
  • Du har haft corona inden for de seneste 14-180 dage
  • Du er testet negativ inden for de seneste 72 time

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