ApeCar Theatre Stage - Vintage Amore


27. June 2021




Vendersgade 14
7500 Holstebro

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ApeCar is small three-wheeled motor vehicle with Italian origins, converted by Váli Theatre Lab in a mobile theatre that goes around public spaces, city centres and countryside presenting different kind of theatrical interventions/performances.

VINTAGE AMORE is a short interactive performance of 15’ minutes, with funny moments, songs and dance, for all kind of audience.

Two Italians travellers are coming with their little car directly from the 50’s. They are going around searching for the perfect place in which they can set their little house on wheals.

With VINTAGE AMORE they will share with spectators some moments of their private life, trying to make them interact with their daily routine of a “normal” couple.

A project by Váli Theatre Lab / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

Supported by

Holstebro Kommune


Directed and Performed by

Alice Occhiali

Valerio Peroni


The performance is free. To be able to see the performance and enter the Slagteriet, you must show a valid Coronapas