19. June 2021





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Work demonstration with the students of Midtjysk Efterskole

directed by Váli Theatre Lab.



What would you do if you are one of a group of few people, who manage to survive after a catastrophic event?

What would you love to bring with you?

Which are the most important memories that you would love to share in the future, to rebuild a new community?

What do you want to remember and what do you want to forget?

Life and death can finally meet in a place in the middle in which water becomes fire and the stars are not in the sky anymore but on the earth with humans.

Life will change, and there will be no way to come back to normality.



EarthQuake is a short (25 min) work demonstration with the students from the theatre line of Midtjysk Efterskole.

This is the final result of 4 days of intensive theatre workshop led by Váli Theatre Lab at the school.

The students had the chance to experiment the research of Váli Theatre Lab on the dramaturgy of the actor, participating in sessions of work focused on the training and on the creation of characters from a given creative theme.

The students, helped by the two theatre pedagogues, Alice Occhiali and Valerio Peroni, and by their teachers, Martin Svinkløv and Ulla Søndergaard, through writing and physical exercises built their own characters that gives life to the work demonstration “Earthquake”.

Directing and Dramaturgy by

Alice Occhiali

Valerio Peroni


Assistant Director

Martin Svinkløv

Ulla Søndergaard



Martin Svinkløv



25 min


Anne Østergaard

Theo Weyhe Hjortshøj Christiansen

Clara Kjædegaard Froberg

Ejda Stilling

Emilie Mølgaard Duelund

Emma Steen Nielsen

Ida Josephine Millner de Klauman

Julie Brændstrup

Katrine Kjær Bavnshøj

Lea Leach

Liva Læsøe


Lærke Schjødt Hollensen

Maja Overgaard Andersen

Mathilde Bjørndahl Lind

Mia Oline Lønstrup Fjølner

Sarah Hummelgaard Christensen

Selma Mai

Signe Kousgaard Høj

Sofus Klejnstrup Uhrbrand

Thit Marie Bang Bundgaard

Thomas Lybker Skjødt Jensen

Thorkil Julien Rose