Holstebro Festuge 2021: Generationer - Transformationer * AFLYST


05. - 13. Jun 2021



Holstebro by & Kommune

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Holstebro Festive Week 2021
Generations - Transformations

Holstebro Festuge 2021 has chosen the theme “Generations-Transformations” to allow, once again, all age groups with their multifarious interests and crafts to meet in the present, interacting in all corners of the everyday life of Holstebro Municipality. The Festuge is an occasion to experience how differences collaborate and new visions are born from proximity and curiosity, exchanging roles and responsibilities, when children show the way and old people dance.

Each generation receives a legacy from the past and gives it on to the future, through a process of transformation. The past is visible in front of us, guiding us in the choices that will determine an unknown future still hidden to our view. Habits, history, behaviours, meanings, ambitions, dreams, relationships make up the cultural identity of the community we belong to. How can we convert these forces into a creative process that involves all of us who live here?

Culture makes a difference: we can call it creative disorder and risk taking; a barter of our differences; or, proudly, the genuine expression of our town’s principles.


Holstebro Festuge, 6-14 June 2020

Short impressions of past Festive Weeks:

Read the article "The Festuge: a Historical Theatre, Art and Community Experience" that appeared in the book "Caravan Next. A Social Community Theatre Project" (Franco Angeli ed.)

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Video: Stefano Di Buduo (May 2019)

Video: Stefano Di Buduo (May 2019)

Video: Stefano Di Buduo (May 2019)