The Starry Messenger


21. June 2021




Black Circle Scene
Særkærparken 142 v/Beredskabsgårdens P-plads
7500 Holstebro

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The Starry Messenger is inspired by the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei and his famous and seminal book "Sidereus Nuncius". The book was published just over 400 years ago in 1610 in Venice. Galileo Galilei's discoveries contradicted the Aristotelean cosmology - the earth being the centre of the universe with the sun and the planets circling around it - and caused something of a stir. But in this version by Donald Kitt, the meaning of Galilei's discovery (that the earth and thus the human beings are not the centre of the universe) is transformed from this undeniable fact into a lively, humorous and thought-provoking theatre performance. In Kitt's performance we are confronted with the modern human being, previously the Lord of the Universe, now suddenly finding himself small as a fly, alone in the space of infinity.


Audiences are seated in private theatre boxes (surrounding the circular stage - see the drawing below), each with their own entrance. 

SMALL - 2 pers. theatre box kr. 120
MEDIUM - 3 pers. theatre box kr. 180
LARGE - 5 pers. theatre box kr. 240

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Black Circle
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With/by Donald Kitt (Canada/Denmark)

Directed by Tage Larsen, Odin Teatret

Photo Maciej Zakrzewski

Language English

Duration 50 min.