ApeCar Theatre Stage - De magiske rejsende


29. September 2021




Wagnerhus Børnehave
Wagnersvej 187, 7500 Holstebro

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Apecar Theatre Stage – De magiske rejsende


ApeCar is small three-wheeled motor vehicle with Italian origins, converted by Váli Theatre Lab in a mobile theatre that drives around public spaces, city centres and countryside presenting different kind of theatrical interventions/performances.


THE MAGICAL TRAVELLERS is a short interactive performance of 15 minutes that can be performed in the schools’ or kindergartens’ yards, and libraries’ courtyards/ parking lots.

The actors of Váli Theatre Lab as mountebanks of the past will arrive on board the vehicle interpreting grotesque and funny characters, using both the small stage created on the vehicle and the road as a scenic space. They will present songs, dances and tales to the audience of children from 3 to 12 years.


A project by Váli Theatre Lab / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium

Supported by
Holstebro Kommune
Kultur Ministeriet, Slot- og Kulturstyrelsen "100 dage med kultur og idræt"

Directed and performed by
Alice Occhiali
Valerio Peroni