Sticks and Stones, with Donald Kitt


27. Sep - 03. Oct 2021



Ærø Efterskole
Tranderupgade 59
5970 Ærøskøbing, Denmark

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Closed event

Sticks & Stones
- A Process in Search of a Meaning

WORKSHOP for actors and performers, conducted by Donald Kitt.

The work will focus on several aspects:

  • the performers physical training
  • the development of actions inspired by the use of an object
  • vocal exploration: the discovery of an individual rhythm, spacial awareness and dynamism

The performer's work evolves from the creation of personal material with the stick as a partner and culminates in a montage. Throughout the development of this material the performer will weave it with texts, songs and the use of space. The workshop aims at encouraging a personal process opening up hidden meanings.


This is a closed event organised by:

Rymdstationen / Nordiska Teaterskolan 
Ærø, Denmark