The dance of fire


11. September 2021




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Dream is not something tangible. It doesn’t have time and gives the impression that lasts only for one moment. But how can a dream make theatre “Omma Studio” last for 30 years? This is because the people who do theatre in “Omma Studio” are tangible, real and they, themselves, are the dream. Thus, the time becomes timeless, perpetual and the space of creation is the space of the dream. It doesn’t matter if the space is fluctuating and from a small crack is turned into a gap. This dream pierces everywhere. It has for its components: vision, faith, love and freedom.

These are the components of Omma Studio Theatre for the last 30 years and they will be the same for another 30 years. These are presented in the performance for the Dreams traces project, since they exist inside a Dream Container, which makes people travel in order to learn the meaning of life and at the same time... their selves… exactly what we do in Omma Studio Theatre.

GROUP: Omma Studio Theatre from Greece


Performers: Antonis Diamantis, Irene Koutsaki, Maria Galinou

Dramaturgy: Antonis Diamantis - Irene Koutsaki

Direction: Antonis Diamantis

Assistant Director: Danai Trigoni and Maria Galinou

Scenography by: Kostas Makakis

Technician: Ilias Starras

Duration: 30 min.


Co-financed by Hellenic Republic, Ministry of Culture and Sports

Creative Europe
Dreams Traces Travellings Containers

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