To be heard


12. September 2021




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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The performance was inspired by the stories of people who left their home and followed their dreams. Some of them were fulfilled and some of them were abandoned. Some of the dreams changed and some of them are still just the dreams. The performers are suspended in hypothetical, surreal space where all of the stories personify. The relationship between them keep changing like the stories that they read. It is about searching and letting go. It is about leaving and arriving. It is about fear and overcoming it. It is about dependency and independency. It is about loneliness and longing. Since each journey has its own reason, its own path, its own beginning and its own ending; each story is ambivalent - has both the bright and dark sites. But what is the journey? Is it only the physical moving from one place to another or maybe it is a state of mind? Are the performers only portraying other people's journeys or maybe they are also experiencing their own individual journeys at the same time? Will you set off on a journey with us? Or maybe you are in some journey already?

Group: B’cause Dance Company from Poland

Artistic Team

Choreographer: Bartek Woszczyński

Dancers: Dominika Stróżewska And Bartek Woszczyński

Composers: Atmo Music Production

Duration: 30 Minutes

Creative Europe
Dreams Traces Travellings Containers

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