Travesía contra el miedo


11. September 2021




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Walking between difficulties. How many people risk his or her life to take a chance to improve their lives? Thousands of people testify that they have fought against fear with their desire to exist and continue day by day, fighting against the violation of human rights in their origin countries. These bodies, these lives which are looking for a place that welcomes them as humans, call on first world society to open its doors to the victims who are always forgotten and never listened to. Because immigration is common to all, anyone can find themselves crossing land and sea to reach the new territory to fight for the dream they long for the most.

In Travesía contra el miedo, the absolute renunciation of our country in search of a future is brought face to face with the fear of migrating in pursuit of the dream of a prosperous life. With a post-dramatic structure and based on traditional flamenco culture and a combative staging, a call for attention is made that must be heard. It is about something as human as reaching the territory that will make us better as human beings, which is a feeling that we all keep under our skins. In this way, we will see what it is that ties us to the land that has seen us grow up.

GROUP: TNT Centro international de Investigacion Teatral. Sevilla, Spain


Performers: Inma “La Carbonera”, Ana Salazar and Mario Salas

Direction: Juana Casado

DURATION: 50 minutes

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