Dancing Rebellion


02. February 2022




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One of Nora Amin’s latest revindications as a feminist is to dance belly-dance at university lectures. Living between Germany and Egypt, writing, producing films and theatre, contributing to festival programmes, Nora is in contact with many contrasting and contradictory realities. During the conversation, Julia Varley will ask Nora Amin about her work and life in the most recent years, including her film, An Enemy of the People - Journey to Survival, which was shown at the 8th Transit Festival “Beauty as a Weapon – Theatre, Women, Conflict”. The film shows the journey of an independent theatre company that decides to play a very provocative play addressing the issues of democracy, corrupt regimes, the rule of the majority and the manipulation of crowds. It shows different moments and contexts of performance through the whole year of 2013 only a
few steps away from the violent confrontations in Tahir Square and tells a story about theatre as a tool for survival and change; it is the story of Lamusica Independent Theatre Group, of twenty men working under the leadership of one woman: Nora Amin.

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Nora Amin, born 1970, is an Egyptian writer, performer, choreographer and theatre director. In 2013 she was named best director by the National Festival of Egyptian Theatre. Nora has been active in independent Egyptian theatre and new writing since 1993. She started her professional stage career as a member of the modern dance company at the Cairo Opera House (1993/94), and then worked as an actress in lead roles at the Hanager Arts Centre until 2002. In 2000, she founded her own independent theatre group in Cairo, Lamusica. She has published two novels and four collections of short stories.