It Is Good to Look at One’s Own Shadow


21. February 2022


CET 18:00


Online Worldwide

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with Luisa Calcumil and Julia Varley


It Is Good to Look at One’s Own Shadow is the title of performance taken from a Mapuche proverb. Reality taught Luisa Calcumil discrimination for being woman, indigenous and artist. Mapuche women are charged with passing on values for their oral culture. Luisa recognizes her origins and the dark colour of her skin. She puts questions to her elders, she recovers the indigenous language, history, philosophy and passes this knowledge on from village to village by means of theatre and song.
In her seventies she follows her path teaching her public to say “love, earth, dream, work” in Mapuche language. Luisa says that Aimé Painé, the first renown Mapuche singer, has had a great influence over her life. Luisa always remembers Aimé saying: "El saber quien es uno es el principio de ser culto" (knowing who you are is the first step of learning).


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Luisa Calcumil is a Mapuche artist. The Mapuche are one of the ethnic people that inhabited Argentine Patagonia before the Conquista. She has worked in theatre since 1975, presenting twenty theatre performances and acting in five films of
international importance and in various television programmes. After several years of performing without finding plays where she felt represented, Luisa started to write her own scripts or participating in the creation of performances in which she was protagonist. This is how It's Good to Look at One’s Own Shadow and Hebras were created.
Web-conference in Spanish with English and Italian simultaneous translation
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