The Southern Cimbalom/Metamorfosis


20. March 2022




Bickersgracht 10
1013 LE Amsterdam

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In this performance Ikarus Stage Arts will share two extracts of their concerts The Southern Cimbalom and Metamorfosis.

The Southern Cimbalom is a concert of solo cimbalom - a Eastern European string/percussion instrument - performed by the Chilean musician Rodrigo Contreras. In a journey through Balkan traditional melodies, original compositions and adaptations of Latin-American music for cimbalom, this concert invites the audience to think over the yearning for home from the point of view of a foreigner.

For the second part of the concert, the rest of the musical ensemble will join the cimbalom to perform Metamorfosis, a piece that invites to reflect about what can blossom between the ashes of the difficulties life sometimes bring our way. The whole ensemble will continue this journey through international music bringing energy, joy and just the right amount of melancholy to everyone in the room.

Director: Carolina Pizarro 

Musical director: Rodrigo Contreras

Rodrigo Contreras 
Pablo Lara
Sigrid Norheim Ørntoft 
Simon Samuelsson 
Matias Dreva
João Carlos Silva
Hui Tsyr Yang 
Michelle Marie Rodríguez 
Zuzana Ďuríková