01. - 02. Mar 2022



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Actor and director: Else Marie Laukvik

Duration: 60 min. - Performed in English


In My Stage Children Else Marie Laukvik speaks about her life as an actress, illustrating her demonstration with film fragments from the performances: Ornitofilene, Kaspariana, Ferai, My Father’s House, Come! And the Day Will Be Ours, The Book of Dances, Anabasis, The Million, The Gospel According to Oxyrhincus and Memoria.

Else Marie writes: “I am now in my seventies and I feel it is time for me to look back in time. Creativity is like a continuous act of giving birth and all the figures that I have given life to in the theatre are my stage children that I would like to encounter and revive once more.”


60 DKK for students; pensioners and groups of 10+


Else Marie Laukvik was born in 1944 in Oslo, Norway. Together with Eugenio Barba, she was one of the founders of Odin Teatret. In 1966, Else Marie followed the group to Holstebro, Denmark. Her experiences as an actor are published in The Actor’s Way, edited by Erik Exe Christoffersen. At the same time as she was performing with Odin Teatret, Else Marie worked as director for Teatret Marquez (Denmark), Munin Teatret (Denmark), Teatro Actores Alidos (Italy), Rogo Teatro (Italy), Associazione Culturale Teatro dell’Albero (Italy), Kabaret Wagon (Denmark), Mia & Max (UK). As an actress Else Marie has also collaborated with Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo (Italy) in 1996.


ODIN TEATRET was created in Oslo, Norway, in 1964, and moved to Holstebro, Denmark, in 1966. The Laboratory’s activities include: productions; “barters”; hosting other theatre groups and ensem- bles; teaching; publication of magazines and books; production of didactic films and videos; the sessions of ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology); collaboration with the CTLS, Centre for Theatre Laboratory Studies of the University of Århus; OTA, the living archives of Odin Teatret’s memory; community work in Holstebro and the surrounding region. Odin Teatret has so far created 79 performances, performed in 67 countries and different social contexts. Since 2009 Odin Teatret and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium have been developing as two complementa- ry and autonomous environments, with different fields of action and collabora-tions. While Odin Teatret includes all the activities of the Odin actors directed by Eugenio Barba, Nordisk Teaterlab- oratorium comprises permanent and intermittent residences, co- produc-tions, workshops and transformances with groups and single artists who are independent from Odin Teatret, such as Ikarus Stage Arts, Riotous Company, and Váli Theatre Lab.