Den Grønlandske Mand (Angutivik)


23. May 2022




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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The performance describes the Greenlandic man in a new way. It is a journey into the Greenlandic culture and man's life - his mind, sexuality, ancestors, his struggles and the love of nature and the big city, based on true stories from the man himself.

The performance provides a more nuanced perspective on the Greenlandic man than the two extremes that characterize the general narrative. On the one hand, the romantic back-to-the-roots tale of the indigenous people; man in harmony with nature. On the other hand, the modern story of violence, incest and drinking among Greenlanders in both Greenland and Denmark.

It is about the Greenlandic man of the new millennium; his identity, self-understanding and his relationship with the woman - the Greenlandic and the Danish - to himself, his body, his sexuality, his age, his ancestors, his children. How it feels being a man in a changing world. We want to get behind the myths and prejudices, to do away with the media-created image and the self-image that many Greenlandic men carry around, and give the Greenlandic man a new starting point.



The Greenlandic Man is a portrait of the greenlandic man, co-produced by Teater freezeProductions and the Greenland National Theatre.

The Greenlandic Man is a performance for and about the Greenlandic man – in Denmark and in Greenland. A performance about his dreams, love, life, longing, sexuality, joy and sadness.



60 DKK for students; pensioners and groups of 10+

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Once the doors are closed and the performance has begun, it will not be possible to enter.

Language: Danish,

Duration: 80 min.


In this unique Danish-language co-production, relevant nuances are added to the extremes that characterize the stereotypical narrative in both Denmark and Greenland. In montages of music, dance, physics and electronics, four of Greenland's best actors unfold the Greenlandic man of the new millennium.

In 2021, playwright Niviaq Korneliussen received the Nordic Council Literature Prize for the book Blomsterdalen. In The Greenlandic Man she writes with a contemporary voice and a temperament that cuts to the bone in a bare and raw declaration of love for the man we rarely see.

The performance is created on the basic premise that a new story - a new narrative - can lead to a more positive and nuanced perception of oneself, one's worth, one's culture. Not only for the benefit of the new generation of Greenlanders in both Denmark and Greenland - but also to give the Danish audience a more nuanced, modern look at the Greenlandic man. In addition, there will be an insight into the male community across cultures, such as between the Danish man and the Greenlandic man. Both in terms of content and expression, it is aimed at a wide audience.


Kuupik Kleist (sociologist, representative of the Inuit Circumpolar Council, and former Chairman of the National Board):

Greenland's National Theatre and Theater freezeProductions address a topic that is almost taboo. It is about the Greenlandic Man, who on the basis of both the societal changes and the influence of the globalized world, with all that it entails of climate change, technological change, social polarization, etc., is in transition. In short, the man's identity is redefined from the classic breadwinner / catcher / fisherman / male role to subject who is under the influence of forces beyond his own control. At the same time, history is universal, because the rapid and global process of change we are in the middle of is redefining us all as human beings, in a world that seems to be booming out there - whether we are on board or not. ANGUTIVIK // MAN about the man in transit is a necessary and highly topical story.

ACTORS Klaus Geisler, Kristian Mølgaard, Hans-Henrik Poulsen and Ujarneq Fleischer

IDEA & CONCEPT Hanne Trap Friis and Susanne Andreasen

TEXT  Niviaq Korneliussen

DIRECTED BY Hanne Trap Friis

DRAMATURG Susanne Andreasen


LIGHT DESIGN Morten Ladefoged and Gerth Lyberth

SOUND DESIGN Gerth Lyberth


The Future. Text and music by Simon Lynge

Akunneq Ataaseq Naammanngilaq. Text and music by Rasmus Lyberth

Take the A train. Text by Miki Jacobsen and Hans-Henrik Poulsen, music by Billy Strayhorn

Innarta anaanaga. Text and music by Jonathan Petersen

KONSULTANT Kuupik Kleist



Produced by Teater freezeProductions and Greenland National Theatre.