29. May 2022




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Cosmino Productions 

Performed in English, Polish & Spanish with English surtitles


Two women face the truth of the dissolution of the European egalitarian dream.

Everywhere they look things are not equal, in the taxi at the end of the night, on the bench in the middle of a village, in the congregation, in the boardroom, in the home. They tell stories of childbirth, sing about violence and dance about menopause. They remember the lies they were told as children and question the hope that things might be different for future generations. Incorporating, movement, song, humour and puppetry, Heartburn will smash taboos around women’s lives in surprising and unconventional ways. ‘For it was Adam who was first created, and then Eve’ Timothy 2:1. www.heartburnwomen.com


Created and directed by the company

Performers: Eva Rufo and Rachel Karafistan

Project Artwork: Jo Johnston

Production assistant & translation: Kaja Banaszak

Music: Kuba Pierzchalski

Costumes: Renata Kałek



Polish / British theatre company, led by Kuba Pierzchalski & Rachel Karafistan Cosmino Productions (www.cosmino.org) have been dreaming theatrical experiences into reality for over 25 years. Both Rachel and Kuba are former members of acclaimed Polish company, Teatr Biuro Podrozy (winners of the 2018 Herald Ark Angel Award, 1995 Fringe First and Critics Award for Carmen Funebre and the Hamada Award in 1996 at the Edinburgh Festival). Drawing on theatre traditions from both the East and the West, our work has been described as magicalpoetic and superbly imaginative. Cosmino believe firmly in the ability of the arts to cross boundaries, dream new futures and provoke positive change in the world. Since 1998, Cosmino have created 15 critically acclaimed productions both as Cosmino and with collaborators including the State Theatre of Salzburg and Greenwich Theatre, London. With a PhD in shamanism and theatre, Rachel has taught theatre all over the world and currently teaches on the Embodied Dramaturgy MA at Arthaus Berlin International Theatre School (formerly LISPA). Actor, musician and composer, Kuba has performed with the Blue Man Group since 2003. Rachel's award-winning solo performance 'Dreams Die Hard’ inspired by her grandmother’s wartime diary and her Turkish-Cypriot roots, is touring internationally together with children’s production 'Paulas Reisen', a physical performance featuring clowning and puppetry, based on the children’s book by Paul Maar, dealing gently with issues of exclusion and integration. Our new project ‘Heartburn’ dealing with women’s experience is supported by GVL and Neu Start Kultur and premiered in Poland in January 2022 and embarks on an international hybrid tour incorporating online and in person performances, debates and workshops.

Thank you for this lightning storm of hope in dark times. I am an old-fashioned theatre man.
On evenings like this I gain my confidence in the magic of theatre as a dignified phenomenon.
Only the fragile form of life, tense between power and powerlessness, possesses dignity.

Christoff Bleidt – Theaterhaus Berlin


Heartburn moves from laughter to tears.
It bursts with pain, anger and love.
It is a story about women and it is my story.

Ewa Kaczmarek, award winning actress, Tlusta Langusta, Poland

What our audiences say:

The truth is that it was so strong, that I was speechless.
a beautiful and powerful performance, where the truth was sometimes unbearable
Heartburn swings through the emotions, like riding a roller coaster
Intimate and public all at once because it concerns everyone
I hope that this show will be played often, It is important, uncompromising and necessary.