Minder for livet


31. May 2022




Holstebro Seniorhus
Birkehøj 80
7500 Holstebro

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“Minder for livet” is a theatre performance about memories from the past and bringing a language to the forgotten.

In the old days, two young immigrants coming from Italy, decided to move to Denmark, looking for a new life. They met each other in the small city of Holstebro where they fell in love.

The performance reviews the memories of the couple, from when they were young until they get old, always together.

The actors bring the audience into a shared space where childhood, love, death, loneliness and old age, exists side by side. They become mirrors that evokes memories from the past to the present.  

With the help of cultural references from Italy and Denmark, such as songs, dances and other traditions, the performers shows how much people have in common, no matter where you’re from and how old (or young) you are.

Through the performance, voice is given to the forgotten.

A project by
Váli Theatre Lab / Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium


Directed and performed by
Alice Occhiali
Valerio Peroni


Duration: 30 min.