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04. June 2022



Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Nocturnes for toddlers


Mia Theil Have, Denmark

Birth Units and Nocturnes for Babies, Toddlers and a Very Sleepy Mum was the title of a performance for babies directed by Mia Theil Have, considering the roles of mothers. Mia has worked on other performances for children before and since becoming a mother of two boys herself. Her most recent project is for a more creative environment at the maternity ward of the region’s new hospital and producing a film about her eldest son. Mia will present these projects during her talk.



Mia Theil Have (Denmark) is an actor, director the founder and Artistic Director of Riotous Company. Mia was an actress of Odin Teatret and collaborator of ISTA until 2007. After premiering Scherzo for Piano and Stick, directed by Tage Larsen, she has cre- ated a children’s performance, The Sandpit in Rainy Weather and the song concert Nocturne for Babies and Their Sleepy Adults. As a theatre director, Mia has worked with the National Opera and Ballet of Macedonia, The Freedom Theatre Palestine, Royal Op- era House and National Theatre Studio. Mia has created a bridge between new Danish Drama and the UK, translating Sandholm by Anna Bro into English, and directing it for Company of Angels at Unicorn Theatre 2009, as well as initiating a festival of New Dan- ish plays at the Danish Embassy in London 2015, for which she translated Thomas Howalt’s award winning Hemmeligheden/The Secret. Mia has two sons.


Ester's Book

Odin Teatret, Denmark

Actors: Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Uta Motz Director: Iben Nagel Rasmussen

Musical arrangement: Uta Motz and Anna Stigsgaard
- Film: Halfdan Rasmussen and Jan Rüsz - Photo: Jan Rüsz and Morten Stricker - Film montage: Torgeir Wethal - Stage arrangement: Knud Erik Knudsen - Stage advisor: Eugenio Barba
Duration: 60 min. - Performed in English


Iben Nagel Rasmussen writes: “When, in 2003, my mother Ester was moved to a residential care home at the age of 85 already suffering from senile dementia, I decided to complete the performance which for some time had existed as an idea and a draft - a story of her life. In a comfortable but unfamiliar room in a residential care home, mother and daughter sit and talk. With a stubbornness bordering on the tragicomic, the same words and terms are constantly repeated. The dialogue reawakens past experiences, unrealised dreams and plans for the future, which only exist in a world of fantasy. Physical activity is minimal but a diary from the end of the Second World War, a photo album and private film clips from half a century ago reveal different layers of Ester’s life. Music and songs from a distant youth accompany pictures and texts, bringing closer historical changes which shook and marked her generation. The story of my mother is also a reflection on becoming old in present day Denmark, about loneliness and separation. Nobody is born old. It has been my wish to give voice to some of the fragments of my mother’s life which would otherwise have been buried with her. I am Ester’s Book.”


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Iben Nagel Rasmussen is an actor, director, teacher and writer. She was born in 1945 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was the first actor to join Odin Teatret after its arrival in Holstebro in 1966. In 1983 she founded, parallel with her work at Odin Teatret, the group Farfa with actors from various countries. Since 1989 she has led The Bridge of Winds, and since 1999 New Winds. Her professional experiences are presented in The Actor’s Way edited by Erik Exe Christoffersen and in the video documentary The Transparent Body edited by Claudio Coloberti. She has written three books: Brev til en veninde, Den blinde hest, Det fjerde dør.


Uta Motz has worked as a freelance musician and actor for 25 years after graduating at the Hochschule für Musik og Darstel- lende Kunst in Stuttgart, Germany. Uta has collaborated with Württembergisches Staatstheater Stuttgart (Germany), Cos- mos Kolej Grenoble (France), Gardzienicze Theatre Association (Poland); and Svalegangen, Egnsteater Møllen, Teater2tusind/ Baggårdteater, Zebu Teater, Balkanorkesteret Kridtsko and Odin Teatret (Denmark). Since 2011 Uta plays with Anders Allentoft in the Duo Chanson.

ODIN TEATRET was created in Oslo, Norway, in 1964, and moved to Holstebro, Denmark, in 1966. The Laboratory’s activities include: productions; “barters”; hosting other theatre groups and ensembles; teaching; publication of magazines and books; production of didactic films and videos; the sessions of ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthropology); collaboration with the CTLS, Centre for Theatre Laboratory Studies of the University of Århus; OTA, the living archives of Odin Teatret’s memory; community work in Holstebro and the surrounding region. Odin Teatret has so far created 79 performances, performed in 67 countries and different social contexts. Since 2009 Odin Teatret and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium have been developing as two complementary and autonomous environments, with different fields of action and collaborations. While Odin Teatret includes all the activities of the Odin actors directed by Eugenio Barba, Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium comprises permanent and intermittent residences, co-productions, workshops and transformances with groups and single artists who are independent from Odin Teatret, such as Ikarus Stage Arts, Riotous Company, and Váli Theatre Lab.



Tierra de fuego (Land of Fire)

Carolina Pizarro, Chile/Denmark

Actor: Carolina Pizarro Director: Julia Varley

Duration: 50 min. - Performed in Spanish

Dedicated to Rebeca Ghigliotto and María Cánepa


A journey is always good,

because it ends, a journey is to and from, outside or at home,

if it doesn’t end, it is something else, flight, exile, expulsion,

steps that take nowhere…

(Pia Tafdrup)


The performance explores the concept of journey, travelling to a land rooted in the memories of a woman’s imagination: a land where the fire is kept alive as a sign that a home still exists. There are references taken from Chilean past and recent history seen through the eyes of three generations of women, and stories told by different Chilean women who have gone on a journey. Some of them decided to travel; others were forced to do so. But for each one of them the journey has meant a transformation. At that point there is no difference between past and present, and the word journey gets impregnated with a deep sense of life.

During Salvador Allende’s government, a grand-mother

and her daughter, holding a Chilean flag, occupied a plot of land to build a house and make a garden there. When the repression came, as a consequence of Augusto Pinochet’s military coup, the daughter dug a deep hole in the ground and buried her uniform, papers and everything that could possibly relate her to the Communist Party. Then, over all her memories, she planted a tree.




Carolina Pizarro was born in 1981 in Chile. She is an actor, director and teacher and has studied several physical and vocal techniques. Fundamental pillars for her research have been the meeting with Julia Varley, and her stay in the Hindustan Kalari Sangham Temple, where she developed her knowledge of Kalaryppayyatu and Silambattam martial arts. Carolina has taught several workshops and seminars in India and in international encounters. Carolina joined Odin Teatret as an actor in October 2015, taking part in all the current ensemble performances. With Luis Alonso, Carolina directs the international project Ikarus Stage Arts founded in 2017.

Julia Varley, UK/Denmark, joined Odin Teatret in 1976. Apart from acting she is active in directing, teaching, organising and writing. Since 1990 she has been involved in the conception and organisation of ISTA (International School of Theatre Anthro- pology) and of the University of Eurasian Theatre, both directed by Eugenio Barba. Since its beginning in 1986 she has been active in The Magdalena Project. She has directed performances with Pumpenhaus Theater (Germany), Ana Woolf (Argentina), Hisako Miura (Japan), Lorenzo Gleijeses and Manolo Muoio (Italy), Gabriella Sacco (Italy), Carolina Pizarro (Chile), Marilyn Nunes (Brazil), Amaranta Osorio and Teresa García (Mexico-Spain), Teresa Ruggeri (Italy), C.ia Pessoal de Teatro (Brazil) and The Jasonites. Julia Varley has written five books published in various languages: Wind in the West, Notes of an Odin Actress - Stones of Water, An actress and her characters, Thinking with the Feet (with Vicky Ann Cremona and Francesco Galli), Genius Loci (with Eugenio Barba and Francesco Galli). In 2020 she creates Fondazione Barba Varley and in 2021 Transit Next Forum. She is on the editorial board of The Open Page and Journal of Theatre Anthropology.


Seeds of Memory

Ana Woolf, Argentina

Actor: Ana Woolf

Director and dramaturgy: Julia Varley 
Text: Ana Woolf and extracts from historical documents

Duration: 60 min. - Performed in English


The performance is about absence: the absence of a father, the absence of a body to bury and the absence of 30,000 missing people in Argentina, during the last military dictatorship. But absence generates its oppo- site: resiliance, presence and identity. Absence is the starting point to build a performance that contains both a personal message and political discourse. Although no words will ever be enough to compensate the horror and suffering which have touched many generations of Argen- tinians, the autobiographical words of a child and the real pain caused by the recent loss of her father become the dramaturgical solution which allows to tell the story of a Lat- in American country hit by a military dictatorship.



Ana Woolf is a teacher, actress and director, and co-founder of Magdalena 2a Generación, a Latin American Network of Women in Contemporary Arts. In 1999 Ana Woolf moved to Denmark to study with Julia Varley who directed her in two performances and a work demonstration. Ana lived in Europe for some years, also working as assistant director for Eugenio Barba. Ana returned to Argentina in 2011. She has developed a special training based on Asian techniques and Latin American rhythms, and leads workshops all around the world. As a director, she has worked with professional actors in different countries, and six of her productions are presently on tour. Ana has published articles in various theatre publications and has translated many of Odin Teatret’s books into Spanish. In 2021, Ana founded CATA, Centre of Theatre Anthropology in Argentina, an itinerant centre of the Fondazione Barba Varley. CATA’s activities for 2022 include the creation of a postgraduate degree in Theatre Anthropology.


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