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09. June 2022



Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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10:00 - 11:00

Flanker Origami

Created and performed on Zoom Organic Theatre, UK

Performers and directors: Bianca Mastrominico and John Dean
Artwork and 2D Animations: Cristiana Messina Film consultancy: Massimo Alí Mohammad Digital technical management: Chiara Menozzi

Press, Marketing & Production Consultancy: Ariane Oiticica, Unavoidable PR


An artistic couple exposes their pandemic coping routines, digitally unleashing two eccentric performance personas bent on transforming their home into a glittery alternative reality. Stranded on Zoom in a domestic fantasy of spectacle, they reveal an online intimacy which is manipulative, tender and slightly disturbing, while escaping from the monotony of confinement through sharing lucid dreams and playing out preposterous wellbeing rituals.

Flanker Origami made their first appearance live online as part of the digital programme of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2021 and in January 2022 they ventured outside for a second iteration in Flanker Origami Go To Town @Sook, unleashing fandom and merchandising in a hybrid and ludic exploration of performance as commodification in St James Quarter, a newly built shopping centre in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Bianca Mastrominico is a performance maker, author/director and scholar currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Born in Naples (Italy) she received her first apprenticeship in her theatre family through the artistic work of her parents, Pina Cipriani and Franco Nico, alongside studying for a degree in Letters and Philosophy. In 2002 Bianca founded Organic Theatre with actor John Dean, a cross-cultural performance laboratory rooted in ongoing training and research for innovative practice and pedagogy. Bianca is currently Programme Leader for MA Digital Performance and BA(Hons) Performance at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, where she also teaches Theatre Anthropology as well as Theatre Laboratory and Devising Practices. She is a member of the Centre of Communication, Cultural and Media Studies and is an active member of the Practice Research Cluster: Finding and Understanding Creative Knowledge. Bianca has published for The Open Page, Journal of Theatre Anthropology, Total Theatre Magazine, New Theatre Quarterly, International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media, and Body, Space and Technology, amongst others.

John Dean is an actor and performance maker, who co-founded Organic Theatre with Bianca in 2002. He had his initial classical theatre training in London and worked for many theatres and companies in the UK, such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre Studio and Shakespeare’s Globe, whilst pursuing further training with the Gardzienice Theatre Association in Poland, which led him to learn with Odin Teatret in Denmark, Milon Mela in India, and Keith Johnstone in Canada, amongst others. He is currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland where he works at Queen Margaret University alongside Bianca, teaching and leading the Performing Arts team. He is a member of the Centre of Communication, Cultural and Media Studies and is actively involved in the Practice Research Cluster: Finding and Understanding Creative Knowledge, where he also develops practice research projects based on Organic Theatre’s creative work.

ORGANIC THEATRE is a cross-cultural performance laboratory created by Bianca Mastrominico and John Dean in 2002, looking for organicity in serendipity and embodied knowledge and building upon personal artistic know-how. The work is rooted in ongoing training and research for innovative interdisciplinary practice and pedagogy, and focuses on process-led collaborative creation and audience participation, both live and digital. The group has performed throughout the UK and Europe, in theatres, art galleries, museums, streets, barns, village halls and festivals including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton Science Festival, Festival d’Automne à Paris (France), E45 – Napoli Teatro Festival Italia (Naples, Italy) amongst others. Organic Theatre has received financial support from Arts Council England, Exeter City Council, and Bristol City Council, ESPRC – Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e Turismo, and Napoli Teatro Festival Italia (Italy).


11:15 - 13:00



Helen Varley Jamieson, NZ/Germany


What is cyberformance? How is it created, and what are the possibilities? What digital tools are available? The masterclass will give examples of cyberformance in var- ious platforms, and ideas for participants to take away and try themselves.

Helen Varley Jamieson is a writer, theatre practitioner and digital artist from New Zealand, based in Germany. She has a Master of Arts (Research) from Queensland University of Technology, investigating cyberformance (live performance on the internet) which she has practiced for over a decade. She is a founding member of the globally-dispersed cyberformance troupe Avatar Body Collision, a co-founder of UpStage, an open source web- based platform for cyberformance, and co-curator of online festivals involving artists and audiences internationally. She is also the “web queen” of The Magdalena Project and works with several women, arts and technology groups, creating solo and collaborative performances (online and off-line). Her cyberformance work has been presented at festivals and events around the world.

14:30 - 16:30

The Splendour of the Ages



with Jill Greenhalgh and Meg Brookes, Keiin Yoshimura and Viviana Bovino, Iben Nagel Rasmussen and Sandra Pasini


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17:00 - 18:00

Fuga in me minore

Work in progress Teatro Nucleo, Italy

Actor: Veronica Ragusa - Director: Marco Luciano
Text: Veronica Ragusa and Marco Luciano


The brave and fragile love story between Arthur Rimbaud e Paul Verlaine has been the narrative pretext to the creation of the solo Fugue in Me Minor. The story of a love on the run, or the escape from a love. There they go, running far away, away from one European capital to another, away in the fumes of alcohol and drugs, away in tears, away in kisses, in the woods, at the sea... Chasing each other and singing in the attempt to “be” poetry. Just as in the Pianist’s Fugue, the two hands run after each other relentlessly, so do the two poets. The performance does not intend to narrate the story of the two poets, but rather to investigate some of the archetypes it offers us. We think that each person carries within him or her a poetic creature on the run, suspended between the desire to love and the need to be loved. Inspired by the structure of the musical genre of the Fugue, the dramaturgy is built in three movements: esposizione, divertimento and stretto. Within each of ourselves, lies the archetypes and cultural ‘vices’ from which we must learn to flee.




Veronica Ragusa is an actress, director, theatre trainer. She graduated at Turin University, studied Philip Radice Physical Theatre Atelier, the Course of Singing, Theory and Jazz Solfeggio of the Turin Civic School of Music, and worked with the company

A.R.T.I. Independent Theatrical Research Area directed by Marco Luciano. For many years she also worked as a street artist travelling far and wide. She has collaborated with Teatro Nucleo since 2019 with pedagogical projects for children, teenagers and adults, organisation and cultural planning.

Marco Luciano studied literature and philosophy at the Federico II University of Naples. He began his artistic career at a very young age with the company I Refrattari of Caserta. In 2003 he joined the C.R.A.S.C. Centre for Research on Actors and Cultural Experimentation of Naples, then directed by Lucio Colle. From 2005 to 2013 he managed STUDIOTEATRO, an independent theatre space in Naples. In 2009 he founded the A.R.T.I. Independent Theatrical Research Area working as a director in Turin. In 2018 he began his collaboration with Teatro Nucleo as an actor, director and organiser and worked as part of the Theatre Workshop project with the actors-inmates of the C. Satta of Ferrara.


19:30 - 20:30

Flor de mármol (Mable Flower)

Compañía Teatro, Colombia

Actor: Mérida Urquia - Director: Else Marie Laukvik
Duration: 50 min. - Performed in Spanish


In 1997, Flora says goodbye to her beloved Julio Antonio in a street in Bogotá and they agree to meet three hours later at home, but she never sees him again because that same afternoon he was kidnapped and disappeared forever amid the convulsive political climate in Colombia, at the end of the 90s. Flora is a young poet. Julio worked for human rights organisations and the conservation of natural resources in the CINEP (Popular Research and Education Center) and was a member of the Patriotic Union party. For 10 years, Flora searches for him in an unsuccessful pilgrimage throughout Colombia, while immersed in the writing of a book of verses as a testimony of her insatiable pursuit for the lost love. Finally, Flora decides to bury her long and suffocating mourning in the Beaches of San Bernardo del Viento, a beautiful place where she had planned to go with Julio.

The narrative intersects with parallel stories of tragic

endings such as that of Julio Antonio Mella and Tina Modotti; Mario Calderón and Elsa Alvarado; Orpheus and Eurydice; Dulce María Loynaz and King Tutankhamen, among other references, while the actress reveals the personal motivations that lead her to approach through theatre the subject of forced disappearance that has so heavily struck the soul of Colombia.


Mérida Urquia is an actress, pedagogue, director and cultural manager born and raised in Cuba and based in Colombia since 1994. She is the director of the La Flor del Actor Theatre Festival, founded in Bogotá in 2018 as a tribute to actors and actresses of the world with a long creative and pedagogical career. In 2016, she founded the project Los Rechazados, in Bogotá - a free workshop for the training of young people with limited resources, which annually invites international actors and actresses as teachers. Mérida started as an actress in 1986 in the Teatro Universitario de la Habana. In 1988, she founded in Cuba, together with other artists, the Teatro a Cuestas, a group inspired by Odin Teatret. From 1996 to 2012 she was actress in the Ensamblaje Teatro de Colombia, and now directs Mi Compañía Teatro in Bogotá. She has toured the solo performance La extranjera to many different countries.

Else Marie Laukvik was born in 1944 in Oslo, Norway. Together with Eugenio Barba, she was one of the founders of Odin Teatret. In 1966, Else Marie followed the group to Holstebro, Denmark. Her experiences as an actor are published in The Actor’s Way, edited by Erik Exe Christoffersen. At the same time as she was performing with Odin Teatret, Else Marie worked as director for Teatret Marquez (Denmark), Munin Teatret (Denmark), Teatro Actores Alidos (Italy), Rogo Teatro (Italy), Associazione Culturale Teatro dell’Albero (Italy), Kabaret Wagon (Denmark), Mia & Max (UK). As an actress Else Marie has also collaborated with Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo (Italy) in 1996.


MI COMPAÑÍA TEATRO was founded by Mérida Urquia in 2012 in Bogotá, as a framework to produce her own performances and a structure to work with young actors and students. Mérida found- ed the group after she left Ensamblaje Teatro to establish of her own independence as an artist.

21:00 - 22:00


Fabrica Athens, Greece

Actor: Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti Director: Fanis Katechos 
Musician: Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou - Video: Tal Yuval Mor

Duration: 60 min. - Performed in Greek


Xanthi is a theatre performance which allegorically approaches the three levels of consciousness (waking, dreaming and deep sleep) and what we humans have christened reality. The performance is based on the life events of an ordinary woman, called Xanthi, who was born in 1934 in the island of Chios, Greece, and is supposed to be the performer’s grandmother. Living in a crucial period of history, both nationally and internationally, her turbulent life brings on stage a new creature, which continuously transforms. Inspired by the artistic movement of surrealism, the yoga sutras, as well as influenced from personal and artistic references and the performer’s family tree, the performance is not only artistic research, but also a healing process.

Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti started working on this

project in 2018, researching how a performer can be an independent creator and experimenting with the use of soap bubble and circus elements in theatre.



Giovanna Michaliadi Sarti is member and performer of the Multiactive Team - Fabrica Athens Theatre Group since 2015. Giovanna has worked with performing arts since 2011 beginning with Hoop-dance and then training in circus techniques such as stilts, unicycle, juggling, walking globe and fire juggling since 2013. She has taken part in festivals in Greece and abroad as a Hula Hoop Performer, a Fire Performer and as a member of the performing duet Mr and Mrs Bubble. In addition, she cooperates with the Greek group of Clowns Without Borders Sweden. She is a Nada Yoga Teacher trained in the Nada Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. As a performer she has taken part in site specific performances, in shorts of Studio Matejka and in the performances 7 Deadly Sins and Faith by Fabrica Athens Theatre Group.

Fanis Katehos graduated from Drama School and continued training next at London Centre for Acting. As a theatre trainer he collaborates with the Korydallos Psychiatric Establishment for Prisoners, the Nazim Hitmek Akademi Korosu (Constantinople), the Department of Architecture of the Alicante University (Spain), Mostar Organisation (Bosnia), Asosiación Juvenil Inter-

A.J Inter (Spain) and the Drama School “Iakovos Kampanelis” of the Municipality of Agia Varvara. He also holds seminars in Fabrica Athens Theatre Group and in European Youth Programs. As an actor, director and coach he has taken part in a great number of plays. His latest performances were Land without Man, Faith and 7 Deadly Sins of Fabrica Athens Theatre Group. He was the first to bring Bubble Performing to Greece with Mr and Mrs Bubble. He is co-founder of the Fabrica Athens Theatre Group Art Team, Fabrica Athens Art Space, and the creator and organiser of the Handmade and Recycled Theatre Festival.

Nefeli Stamatogiannopoulou is a nominated composer, im- proviser, bass player and has participated in many theatre performances and films as a composer, performer or director.

She collaborates with the Duende ensemble, Milena Principle, Teatr Andra and is the founding member of the musical group Spooky RedRum and the research artistic group Ov OFF. She finished her postgraduate studies at the department of Compositon for film, theatre and performing arts of the Ionian University, where she is a PhD candidate and a tutorial teacher.


Tal Yuval Mor is a multimedia artist and performer from San Francisco, California. She is currently based between California, Greece, and Israel. She studied Art & Technology at Mills College in Oakland, California. She was raised by Mission Arts Performance Project, a group of artists and neighbours who create multi-genre art events spanning the Mission District. Since July 2021, she has been a student and collaborator of Multiactive Group of Art Fabrica in Athens, Greece.



organisation that promotes artistic creation, research and education, since its establishment in 2009. It is active in the fields of theatre (performance, street theatre, applied theatre, research theatre), circus, yoga and handmade DIY constructions, both nationally and internationally. It organises the annual HRTFest. The goals of the group are to support independent and handmade creation, as well as to support and train young artists (performers and actors). In addition, it invests in building links between people, scientists, artists, scholars and different disciplines towards an interdisciplinary, holistic and human- centred art.


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