Intercultral Festival Laboratory of Theatre Practices & ISTA


12. - 26. Jun 2022



Teatro Potlach
Via Santa Maria in Castello
02032 - Fara In Sabina RI

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Participation Fee €uro 1,000

Intercultural Festival Laboratory of Theatre Practices 

at Teatro Potlach
Directed by Pino Di Buduo
in collaboration with
I.S.T.A. International School of Theatre Anthropology,
directed by Eugenio Barba

XXII edition - Stories and Legends of the Theatre

Participant artists from India, Denmark, USA, Greenland, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland and Italy.
International teachers will conduct workshops on directing and on the core elements of the actor's stage presence in Asian and Western cultures.


Participation Fee €uro 1.000

Including: workshops, every evening shows and performances with all the partecipants, board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and accommodation in multiple rooms.

Information and registration

Send an email to:
- subject line:FLIPT 2022

Tel. +39 3517954176



Special Event


Testimonials for Jerzy Grotowski (by Fondazione Barba Varley)

Beginnings with Eugenio Barba (Denmark)
Metamorphosis with Leszek Kolankiewicz (Poland)

End with Roberto Bacci (Italy)
Preserving the memory with Franco Ruffini (Italy)
Dialogue with the participants.

Dialogue with Francesco Cappa (Italy) and participants.




Improvisation Between Images and Storytelling (by Fondazione Barba Varley)

Eugenio Barba improvises stories from his biography and craft, inspired by images proposed by Stefano Geraci.

Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley: Improvisation techniques. From images and written words to actions and voice in space. 

Zona limite, a film by Stefano Di Buduo on the Festuge (Festive Week) in Holstebro, organised by Odin Teatret.


13-17 JUNE

Voice and Chorus,
workshop with Daniel Jacewicz (Poland)

Participants have the opportunity to learn about theater methods, which helps them to understand, free and control their voice. We also focus on the natural combination of body, voice and emotion, which is the key to discovering and working on one’s artistic abilities. Finally, we seek in the song a metaphysical experience or dialogue. Song can be a therapeutic experience for the group, integrating and developing the relationship between its members.

21-24 JUNE

Harlequin and his Secrets,
Commedia dell’Arte Workshop with Enrico Bonavera (Italy)

Workshop on the characters and masks of the Commedia dell’Arte, divided into four phases: learning, discovery and creation, montage, open demonstration. After an initial preparatory moment with exercises on body language, we will work on stylised realism, fixed types, the mask, improvisation.


13 - 17 & 21 - 26 JUNE

Site specific work with Teatro Potlach

Construction of a large collective show with all Festival participants. Directed by Pino Di Buduo, an interdisciplinary and multimedia artistic project will be created based on the theme of the city. Since 1991 this project has transformed over 60 cities around the world into large theatrical spaces, with projections, cloth, lights, music, theatre, dance, sculpture, painting.


In the morning physical training and stage presence techniques with Teatro Potlach.


Every evening there will be performances by companies from all over the world, including: Poland, India, Iran, Greenland, Italy, Denmark.

The FLIPT – Intercultural Workshop Festival of Theatrical Practices – is a recurring pedagogical intercultural project that Teatro Potlach organises in its premises in Fara Sabina (RI), with Pino Di Buduo as artistic director. The Festival is organised with the collaboration of I.S.T.A. (International School of Theatre Anthropology) directed by Eugenio Barba.

In the context of FLIPT, countries far from each other like India, Brazil, Iran, the United States, Japan, China, Mexico, Indonesia, Greenland, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy and many more, can meet under the sign of art, cultural exchange and mutual respect.

In fact, interculturality and the technical and expressive exchange between Western and Asian artistic traditions are the common thread of the event. The main focus of the festival, therefore, is the pedagogical apprenticeship for young people coming from all over the world, by means of workshops held by international teachers. Besides the workshops and masterclasses, every day the companies or artists from all over the world stage at least one performance. Moreover, FLIPT hosts in turn conferences, book launches, round tables with international guests from the field of performance: artists, theatrical operators, critics, journalists, festival organisers, directors, university professors and researchers.

During the Festival, many collective site specific performances are created, involving all the participants, directed by Pino Di Buduo and by Teatro Potlach’s teachers. This is a further chance to work and exchange, where the relationships established in the three weeks of living together come to the stage.

A typical day at the FLIPT:

09.00-09.30 Physical and vocal training with Teatro Potlach teachers
09.45-12.45 Practical workshop with one of the guest teachers 12.50-13.50 Lunch
14.00-16.00 Practical workshop with one of the guest teachers 16.30-19.30 Building a collective performance with director Pino Di Buduo, or alternatively meetings/conferences
19.45-20.45 Dinner
21.00 Performance by a guest company or artist