Fuga in me minore


09. June 2022




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Kr. 120 / 60

Work in progress Teatro Nucleo, Italy

Actor: Veronica Ragusa - Director: Marco Luciano
Text: Veronica Ragusa and Marco Luciano


The brave and fragile love story between Arthur Rimbaud e Paul Verlaine has been the narrative pretext to the creation of the solo Fugue in Me Minor. The story of a love on the run, or the escape from a love. There they go, running far away, away from one European capital to another, away in the fumes of alcohol and drugs, away in tears, away in kisses, in the woods, at the sea... Chasing each other and singing in the attempt to “be” poetry. Just as in the Pianist’s Fugue, the two hands run after each other relentlessly, so do the two poets. The performance does not intend to narrate the story of the two poets, but rather to investigate some of the archetypes it offers us. We think that each person carries within him or her a poetic creature on the run, suspended between the desire to love and the need to be loved. Inspired by the structure of the musical genre of the Fugue, the dramaturgy is built in three movements: esposizione, divertimento and stretto. Within each of ourselves, lies the archetypes and cultural ‘vices’ from which we must learn to flee.

Veronica Ragusa is an actress, director, theatre trainer. She graduated at Turin University, studied Philip Radice Physical Theatre Atelier, the Course of Singing, Theory and Jazz Solfeggio of the Turin Civic School of Music, and worked with the company

A.R.T.I. Independent Theatrical Research Area directed by Marco Luciano. For many years she also worked as a street artist travelling far and wide. She has collaborated with Teatro Nucleo since 2019 with pedagogical projects for children, teenagers and adults, organisation and cultural planning.

Marco Luciano studied literature and philosophy at the Federico II University of Naples. He began his artistic career at a very young age with the company I Refrattari of Caserta. In 2003 he joined the C.R.A.S.C. Centre for Research on Actors and Cultural Experimentation of Naples, then directed by Lucio Colle. From 2005 to 2013 he managed STUDIOTEATRO, an independent theatre space in Naples. In 2009 he founded the A.R.T.I. Independent Theatrical Research Area working as a director in Turin. In 2018 he began his collaboration with Teatro Nucleo as an actor, director and organiser and worked as part of the Theatre Workshop project with the actors-inmates of the C. Satta of Ferrara.