Gallop: In Dialogue with Leonora Carrington


07. June 2022




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Kr. 120 / 60

Teater Viva, Denmark

Idea, dramaturgy, staging and performance: Katrine Faber
Duration: 70 min. - Performed in English


The performance is a musical theatre montage inspired by works by the surrealist author, painter and ecofem- inist Leonora Carrington, UK/Mexico. The performance dialogues with the dead Leonora and lets her talk about her life in a magical universe, where the boundaries between humans and nature, animals and humans, be- tween the sexes and ages, between the dead and the living, are more open and fluid than we often allow. With the help of Leonora’s visions, Katrine Faber explores other ways of seeing and experiencing the world. The texts are woven together with electronic voice images, forming a trembling flowing sensuous web of words and sound.

Leonora Carrington is extremely actual in a contem- porary context of climate crisis, global epidemic, land sliding societal systems, gender debates, dystopias and utopias. Together with her, we hear the animals talking and gallop into a surprising landscape that opens our senses and sensations to the unimaginable.

Katrine Faber was born in 1963. She is an actress, storyteller, singer, composer and director, and has performed in as different places of the world as Mexico, Nepal, Spain, Tuva in Central Asia, Uzbekistan and isolated places in the North of Scandinavia. She studied with the Istituto di Arte Scenica in Italy and with Roy Hart Theatre in France and with Nadine George in London. In the last twenty-five years she has worked with different forms of theatre with a special focus on voice work.


TEATER VIVA was founded by Katrine Faber in 2006 in Denmark. Teater Viva performs for children, young people and adults in Denmark and abroad, and explores the interaction between per- former and public, space and body, silence and sound. The per- formances of Teater Viva are characterised by the meeting of ex- pressive physicality and the use of the human voice in all possible and impossible ways.