I’ll Just Say It and See What Happens


11. June 2022




Odin Teatret
Særkærparken 144
7500 Holstebro

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Actors: Dorota Glac, Marta Jalowska, Kamila Worobiej Director: Gosia Wdowik
Dramaturgy: Martyna Wawrzyniak - Concept: Dorota Glac, Marta Jalowska, Kamila Worobiej, Gosia Wdowik

- Text and dramaturgy: Martyna Wawrzyniak - Set and costumes: Marta Szypulska - Music: Jasia Rabiej - Multimedia: ETERNAL Engine - Video: Gosia Wdowik, Martyna Wawrzyniak, Marta Jalowska - Substantive support: Alicja Długołęcka - Foto: Alina Gajdamowicz - Poster: Dorota Glac - Special thanks: Abortion Dream Team, Ciocia Czesia, Iga Dzieciuchowicz and all the people who decided to share with us their abortion experience
Duration: 60 min. - Performed in Polish


Maybe I’d like to do it on my own Maybe I’d like to get some real support

Or maybe some assurance only that I will get it Maybe I know how reality works and I want to face it Maybe I’m pissed off and I will think about

consequences later Maybe I’m prepared and Maybe it’s one of the stages

And maybe I have to tell my mother

Or maybe my daughter Or maybe a lady in a newsstand on Central Station

Or maybe the whole world Maybe I don’t need to tell anyone

But I want to know

That I can (from the script)


Inspiration to create the performance I’ll just say it and see what happens are collective abortion coming outs, such as the French Manifeste des 343 and Wir haben abgetrieben of 374 women in the pages of West German magazine Stern. The focusis mainly onthecollectiveness of the experience, on the solidarity and empowerment of co-feeling. Our aim is to look at the whole spectrum of different attitudes and not to standardise them.

Marta Jalowska is a performer, curator, educator, activist, feminist, actress, co-founder and member of the feminist group TERAZ POLIŻ. Graduate of H. & J. Machulski Actors School and Institute of Polish Culture (Section for Theatre and Performance) at Warsaw University. Author of “Interwał Pokoju” (2019) (Peace Interval), collective performance made with citizens of Poznan coming from excluded groups such as LGBTQ+ community, migrants, youth from Centre for Education Development. Since 2021 she is a part of the Polish-German-Turkish educational and research project KASSIA. Her activist work is mostly devoted to LGBTQ+ adn BIPOC societies in Poland.

Dorota Glac is an actress, performer, graphic designer, activist, theatre instructor, Master of Arts in graphic design and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She lives and works mainly in Warsaw, collaborated with other NGOs as Komuna Warszawa, public institutions as Nowy Teatr, Dramatic Theatre, Powszechny Theatre, Theatre Institute, Museum of Warsaw and festivals as Korczak Festival, among others. Since 2009 she is co-founder and member of TERAZ POLIŻ Artistic Group Association and TERAZ POLIŻ BAND.

Kamila Worobiej is an actress, performer, educator and sound artist. Her works are strongly rooted in feminism and the philosophy of deep ecology. Since the beginning of her career, she has been associated with the feminist group TERAZ POLIŻ, which she co-founded in 2009. She worked with Augusto Boal’s method in cooperation with DramaWay. In 2021 she graduated from the School for Social Playwriters organised by Strefa WolnoSłowa Association and Powszechny Theatre.

Małgorzata Wdowik is a theatre director based in Warsaw, working in Poland and Germany. She studied Choreography and Performance at the Theatre Institute in Giessen and theatre directing at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw. She works with amateurs and actors. In her recent performances Fear, Anger and Shame, she worked with the effect and representation of emotions on stage.

Martyna Wawrzyniak is a playwright, author of texts, graduate and lecturer at the Faculty of Drama Direction specialised in dramaturgy of the Stanisław Wyspiański Academy of Dramatic Arts in Kraków. Member and co-founder of the Dramaturgy Studio AST Krakow and co-author of the volume Dramaturgy Guide edited by Iga Gańczarczyk and Olga Katafiasz. She is a graduate of the Gender Studies postgraduate programme at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences.


TERAZ POLIŻ (Lick it now) is the only professional all-female theatre group in Poland, established in Warsaw in 2008 by actresses Marta Jalowska, Dorota Glac, Adrianna Kornecka, Dominika Strojek, Kamila Worobiej and directors Ula Kijak and Marta Miłoszewska (formerly Marta Ogrodzińska). Since the very beginning, its artistic endeavors have been centered on women and femininity. It produces and stages theatre performances, happenings, concerts and performative readings open to the public; it runs theatre workshops and discussions. Since 2015, the group has been engaged in historical research projects aimed at restoring the memory of women who contributed greatly to Poland’s modern-day art and the world’s cultural heritage. The group has embraced non-hierarchical organisational principles as it continues to explore different collaborative structures, both onstage and within the association.

Members: Ilona Błaut, Alina Gajdamowicz, Dorota Glac, Kora

Gałązka, Marta Jalowska, Adrianna Kornecka, Emanuela Osowska, Marta Wesołowska, Kamila Worobiej, Anna Zakościelna

3 - 12 June 2022

An international theatre festival for women in contemporary theatre. This year’s festival theme is
The Splendour of the Ages
Theatre - Women - Courage

The Transit Festival has existed since 1995 and it is part of The Magdalena Project, an international network of women in theatre created to enable women to produce work that more profoundly reflects their own experience. The festival is directed by Julia Varley, actress of Odin Teatret.